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GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD 20 Wins Digital Building Transition Award in France

December 1, 2016 |Press Release Award ARCHICAD 20

GRAPHISOFT has announced that ARCHICAD 20 has won the Digital Transition Plan for Buildings award in the “Design Tools” category at the first annual Digital Building Transition Awards held in Paris, France on November 29.  Established by the Government of France, the awards recognize software innovations that help building design and construction professionals transition to and work within a Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow.
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GRAPHISOFT’s Native BIM Formats Accepted for Architectural Building Submission in Singapore

November 28, 2016 |Press Release BIM Asia

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore recently launched the Code of Practice (CoP) for BIM e-submissions and voluntary submission of architectural plans in native BIM formats, which includes GRAPHISOFT’s .pla file format. The CoP sets out the minimum modelling standards and regulatory information required to be provided in the BIM model. The GRAPHISOFT Singapore team worked closely with BCA to develop a standard template and associated guidelines to help and guide ARCHICAD users in their architectural plan submissions in native BIM format.
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Award-winning Mleiha Archaeological Centre designed using ARCHICAD

November 24, 2016 |

Dabbagh Architects is a winner in the 2016 Cityscape Awards (Community, Culture and Tourism Project) for its design of the Mleiha Archaeological Centre in the United Arab Emirates. Completed in January 2016, the Centre's goal is to inject new life into various archaeological sites in the Emirate.

Read the case study about the Mleiha Archaeological Centre to learn how Dabbagh Architects used ARCHICAD to overcome a number of challenges, resulting in an award-winning design for the ages.

An excellent video about the project is available here.

Google Cardboard Support Introduced in Latest Release of GRAPHISOFT BIMx

November 21, 2016 |

GRAPHISOFT has announced virtual reality (VR) functions to its multi award-winning BIM presentation and communication app, BIMx.

New VR functionality added to BIMx with Google CardboardTM viewer (version 2.0) for Android and iOS smart phones allows users to navigate in the 3D space simply by turning their heads in the desired direction.

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ARCHICAD is UK’s ‘BIM Product of the Year’ Six Years Running

November 9, 2016 |Press Release Award

GRAPHISOFT, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer for architects, has announced that ARCHICAD 20 has won the prestigious BIM Product of the Year award at the eleventh annual Construction Computing Magazine Awards in the United Kingdom. This is the sixth year in a row that ARCHICAD has been honored with the top BIM product award. In addition, GRAPHISOFT again took home the award for Company of the Year.
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Experience BIMx in Virtual Reality

The 2016 fall update to GRAPHISOFT BIMx and BIMx PRO brings new functions both on iOS and Android. The new update provides support for Google Cardboard, which has been a top BIMx request worldwide.

BIMx apps on iOS now also support split view mode, allowing the use of two apps side-by-side on a split tablet screen. Using URL-based data exchange between BIMx and other apps is therefore a smooth experience.

In BIMx PRO, there is a new option allowing users to select more than one model element from an inbound hyperlink.

BIMx on the App Store

BIMx on Google Play

AEC poll shows Nemetschek Group ahead in German-speaking countries

Architosh reports that a recent German-based AEC magazine poll has published software usage data for AEC professionals, largely architects, which shows Nemetschek Group companies dominating US giant Autodesk. "In the 3D Software category, leading Nemetschek brands ARCHICAD and Vectorworks easily outpaced Autodesk brands Revit, AutoCAD, and 3D Studio Max. More than 300 architects and planners in fields ranging from building construction and scenography to interior design and landscape architecture participated in the poll."

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GRAPHISOFT Hosts IFC Technical Conference in Budapest

September 29, 2016 |IFC Press Release Conference

GRAPHISOFT recently hosted the Implementation Support Group (ISG) fall meeting, September 15-16 in Budapest, Hungary. GRAPHISOFT has been developing IFC standards since 1997 as a pioneer in IFC implementation. The ISG is responsible for supporting the implementation and certification activities for buildingSMART’s open standards, primarily centered around Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF), enabling the exchange of BIM data among different software products.
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JUUL I FROST build on ARCHICAD and Solibri strengths

Watch this video to learn how Danish firm JUUL | FROST Architects leverages the strengths of both Solibri and ARCHICAD to ensure a smooth workflow throughout the design and construction of a major project.

Watch the video

Architects Head Back to School with LEARNVIRTUAL – A Hybrid–Learning Platform Focused on ARCHICAD In-Practice

September 19, 2016 |Learning Press Release

Oakland, CA, September 19, 2016 - ARCHVISTA, the premier GRAPHISOFT reseller and BIM technology consultant serving Northern California, has developed a better way for architects, designers and home builders to brush up on more than software. Introducing LEARNVIRTUAL, a new online learning platform. With a laser sharp focus on ARCHICAD In-Practice, LEARNVIRTUAL features online case study presentations by seasoned professionals sharing their practical insights, and offers virtual courses taught by experienced coaches. LEARNVIRTUAL also provides hundreds of OnDemand Courses that teach the fundamentals of ARCHICAD.
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