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ARCHICAD power user, Andrew Patterson, is New Zealand's 2017 Gold Medal winner

"Over the course of three decades, Andrew Patterson has forged a reputation as a confident designer of striking buildings with great presence. His practice's portfolio is replete with distinctive projects. Patterson buildings do not just assert their difference against the designs of the architect's peers; they are also highly differentiated from each other." ARCHICAD users will know him best as the visionary behind the ARCHICAD 20 signature building, the Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Congratulations to Andrew Patterson, for winning the New Zealand Institute of Architects Gold Medal!

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Photo: ©Patrick Reynolds

GRAPHISOFT introduces direct Hyper-model upload to BIMx Model Transfer service

GRAPHISOFT has unveiled a new option to share ARCHICAD content by uploading a previously exported BIMx Hyper-model file to storage space on the BIMx Model Transfer service. Upload a file by choosing it in the file open dialog or just drag & drop it to the target folder. Users can review their new Hyper-model before sharing it, offering a flexible way to disseminate BIMx models at a later date. Also, the name of the person who uploaded or last updated a Hyper-model will also be displayed on the Hyper-model's download page, making it easier to track the Hyper-model changes in the storage space.

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How Nikken Sekkei uses ARCHICAD to drive design

"While the typical approach is to treat BIM software as simply the latest means for documenting design, Japanese architecture firm Nikken Sekkei is channeling the latest capabilities of ARCHICAD — the dominant BIM software in Japan, as well as Central and Eastern Europe — to develop an entirely new design process." Learn how Nikken Sekkei uses a data-driven, tech-oriented approach to not only enhance the quality of their designs, but also to apply design thinking to architectural practice.

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Kawasaki Toshiba Building | Nikken Sekkei | Photo: Harunori Noda [Gankosha]

Ostozhenka Architects 'live together' with ARCHICAD

GRAPHISOFT has released another user case study video, shot during the Key Client Conference in Kyoto earlier this year. This interview was conducted with Ivan Voronezhsky, architect at Ostozhenka Architects in Moscow, who talks about their multi-decade ARCHICAD experiences.
Ostozhenka Architects was founded in 1989, initially as part of the Research and Design Center of the Moscow Architectural Institute; it became an independent private office in 1992. The team's first project was the reconstruction of the "Ostozhenka" microdistrict - a fragment of the historic nucleus of Moscow. This urban planning and architectural design project occupied the office for a decade and also gave it its name.

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GRAPHISOFT hosts EU Committee for Standardization BIM Working Group session

October 26, 2017 |GRAPHISOFT BIM Standardization CEN

The standardization of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the biggest challenges the European AEC industry has yet to solve. Developed countries are implementing architectural standards based on the Open BIM platform, aligning design and construction processes in a transparent and effective way. BIM-based standardization will result in increased efficiency as well as huge ecological benefits. GRAPHISOFT, representing Hungary in the CEN Working Group, hosted the most recent session in Budapest.

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We like the idea that we're treated as part of the family

Osmond Lange Architects & Planners was established in 1929 and is one of the larger architectural practices in South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Cape Town. The company has built up extensive design and technological expertise specializing in large projects and has actively participated in some of the largest joint ventures in South Africa as lead consultants. The practice blends architecture, urban design and development management skills to deliver an integrated package of professional services to its clients. In this video, you'll hear what the architects at Osmond Lange appreciate most about ARCHICAD and about their relationship with GRAPHISOFT.

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Nemetschek acquires leading US software provider RISA

October 13, 2017 |Nemetschek RISA Technologies

GRAPHISOFT parent Nemetschek Group has announced the acquisition of US software provider RISA Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California. RISA offers ones of the most popular structural engineering suites in the US for multi-material structures such as steel, concrete, masonry and wood. With the acquisition of RISA, Nemetschek further establishes its commitment to delivering complete engineering workflows on the US market.

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LINK arkitektur credits OPEN BIM and TeamWork for its success

As a business model and philosophy, LINK arkitektur has chosen to allow their 15 offices and 470 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to create their own culture and specialist fields. For many years, BIM has been a strategic focus area for the leading firm. The multidisciplinary architectural consortium operates in an ARCHICAD-heavy but still platform-neutral way, meaning they are very much dependent on OPEN BIM techniques. In this interview, Martin Romby Hauge, BIM Manager, and Zsolt Nagy, architect and project leader, offer insight into how such a large and diverse architectural practice can operate successfully across markets.

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Brazil BIM pioneer makes the switch to ARCHICAD

Founded in 1962, aflalo/gasperini arquitetos operates throughout Brazil, in the areas of architecture and urban design. This leading firm was well-known for using other software solutions over the years. However, in 2014, aflalo/gasperini decided to test ARCHICAD to determine if they could gradually make the switch. Two years after the pilot project, this well-known firm is ready to consolidate and broaden their use of ARCHICAD. In this case study, we'll learn how aflalo/gasperini put ARCHICAD to the test.

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Get a glimpse into the secrets of contemporary Portuguese architects

We are pleased to share with you the stories of outstanding contemporary architects from Portugal. Get a glimpse into their ARCHICAD-supported design processes, their passion for architecture, and what makes Portuguese architecture so compelling.

The list includes RA\\ Architectural & Design Studio, Lousinha Arquitectos, Serôdio Furtado & Associados - Arquitectos, Pedro Domingos Arquitectos, Ventura Trindade Arquitectos, TERNULLOMELO Architects, Subvert and Samuel Torres de Carvalho Arquitetura.

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