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BIMx is available in two versions in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Choose the version that works best for you.

The BIMx PRO app and the model-sharing options are available for the iOS and Android platforms.

BIMx models can be shared across platforms as well.



Mainly for clients, BIMx provides FREE OF CHARGE access to the 3D view of any BIMx building model.

Top features of BIMx:

3D Content
Walk or fly through a project in 3D.

Stereo Mode
Enhance the experience with 3D glasses.

Walk around naturally, even up the stairs.

Egress Recognition
Tap a door to walk through. Tap an object to approach it.

Floor-plan Cutaway
Look at things from a new perspective.

Cloud Storage Access
Download and open BIMx projects from your file storage apps seamlessly in BIMx.

Zone Display and Orientation Labels
Zone volumes visible in 3D. Labels help spacial orientation.

BIMx Pro


View your BIMx 2D and 3D models on your own devices. Thanks to BIMx’s revolutionary Hyper-model technology, all 2D documentation is interlinked with the 3D Model.

These are the additional features available in BIMx PRO:

2D Content!
Get the real deal: View all published layouts, drawings, schedules, and other documentation.

Hyperlinked 2D-3D
Thanks to intelligent markers, 2D layouts are linked to the Model like hyperlinks on the Web, enabling quick transitions.

Smooth Transitions
Switching between dimensions is more comprehensible for all stakeholders thanks to animated transitions.

All-round 3D Cutaways
Apart from Floor-plan Cutaways, cut through a section of the Model with a slider, giving total clarity in spacial relations for any viewer.

External link to Access Elements
Locate 3D Elements in the BIM from an external website, FM database, catalog. Swiftly check and mark-up on site.

2D in the Model Context
Present extra detail with overlayed drawings in Section, or on the Floor-plan.

Custom Per-Element Info Sets
Load up the Model Elements with information about – basically – anything. Control who sees what, specific to their needs.

Zone Info Display
Info Sets work for Zones as well. Provide building operators with room finishes or any other space-related details.

AirPrint Support
Replace lost or obsolete drawings on the go with BIMx, without even touching ARCHICAD. Seamlessly print your Hyper-model’s 3D or 2D content from iOS devices.

License Types

Choose the right scheme, depending on your profession and needs.

In the office, on site, or with a client, BIMx and BIMx PRO bring stakeholders together to encourage productive and profitable communication.
Clients will like the BIMx app because it will let them discover an unlimited number of 3D models on any device.
Architects, on the other hand, might opt for BIMx PRO — to enable full access to all 3D models AND Hyper-linked 2D documentation on their own.
And of course, BIMx models can be shared — indepentent of your platform – so clients can access individual BIMx Hyper-models (including 2D and 3D content) on any of their devices after their architect shares it with them.

License Scenarios
License Types   * All iOS devices linked to your Apple ID account

Why BIMx?

Here are a few examples of how BIMx can support your everyday BIM communication workflow – from the architect’s desk to on-site coordination.

Take your design with you wherever you go!

Synced Updates from the Cloud

Updates from the Cloud

With a direct link to BIM projects in ARCHICAD, BIMx offers smooth and easy communication with stakeholders outside the office.
The Document picker in BIMx enables popular cloud storage services like iCloud or Dropbox to be linked to your App, so downloading and opening BIMx Models is as seamless as possible.
GRAPHISOFT’s cloud-based BIMx Model Transfer makes sure sharing your projects with clients is secure and effective.

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Custom Element Info Sets

Building Information Models contain an enormous amount of information. Architects can now choose from a variety of information sets to be published with their Hyper-model.
Using Apple’s data detector, any info in the info box is recognizable as email, a telephone number, a weblink, an address, providing direct links to the appropriate Mobile App. Enter the weblink to a certain furniture store, the database of building utilities, etc., for fast and smooth communication and organization.

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Custom Element Info Sets
Zone Info and Orientation Labels

Zone Info and Orientation Labels

Zone Stamps on the Floor Plans and Zone Labels in the 3D model are interactive within the BIMx model. By tapping on these items you can access Zone info tags where architects can provide additional information about any space-related details.

Real-estate agents and Building operators keep information about room finishes and other accessory details packed in Zone info tags, which can be accessed with a tap on the Zone Label.

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AirPrint Support

Present new details to the clients or on the construction site, replace a lost or obsolete drawing and have it ready for documentation. In BIMx PRO, you can seamlessly print 3D and 2D contents of BIMx Hyper-models from iOS devices on AirPrint-capable printers. Even non-professionals like clients, or contractors can quickly obtain prints right from BIMx without the need to use ARCHICAD. Print the entire drawing, or zoom in to a detail of the 3D view or 2D drawings. Whatever it takes to get the point across, faster than ever.

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AirPrint Support
Access Model Elements

Bi-directional Element Access

Connect BIMx Elements with external FM databases, product websites or catalogs and more. Using hyperlinks that point to specific elements of the model, you can access the elements for swift targeting and controlling from inside other apps on the device.

And vice versa, any element info tag can be prepared with links to open the appropriate mobile app, like a browser or email.

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Deliver your design intent with ease – even for non-professionals!

Navigating in the Hyper-Model

Navigating in the Hyper-Model

What makes BIMx Hyper-models unique? Model-based, context-sensitive hyperlinks. Conceptually, these are a lot like other hyperlinks on the Web. The difference: their location in space adds an invaluable extra dimension to understanding the model, while making it easy to navigate.



With 3D-cutaways, you can virtually cut through a building using just an interactive slider. This powerful coordination tool lets all viewers gain a deeper understanding of the project and its spatial relations.

Drawings within the Model Context

Drawings within the Model Context

Many people find 2D and 3D difficult to work with simultaneously. Not anymore. With BIMx PRO's smooth transitions and context-sensitive information overlay, moving between dimensions becomes a breeze.

Proudly presenting – BIMx Hyper-models

Proudly presenting – BIMx Hyper-models

We've worked long and hard to develop BIMx Hyper-models that will work for you. And we're proud of the end-result. We hope you will be as proud using it as we are presenting it to you.

BIMx PRO in the AEC workflow

BIMx PRO in the AEC workflow

BIMx is just as effective at presenting design variations to clients as it is coordinating with building professionals on-site. Best of all, you don't even need to be present — just send the link to your BIMx Hyper-model.

BIMx in action

BIMx in action

BIMx has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of mobile users. Its true potential comes to life with the brand new BIMx PRO function set, which provides access to full 2D project documentation within the 3D model context.

The BIMx step-by-step guide

The BIMx step-by-step guide

BIMx is included with ARCHICAD. Its intuitive user interface and cloud-integrated workflow makes it an unparalleled tool for every architect working with Building Information Models.