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BIM Data

An ARCHICAD model can be described as a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder. Previous ARCHICAD versions have provided a fixed set of Element Classifications, but ARCHICAD 21 introduces a flexible way to classify elements according to any national or company standard classification system and makes available ARCHICAD Properties that can be connected to any construction element or zone, based on any Element Classification.

BIM Content packages

ARCHICAD enables the one-step import of BIM data that have been predefined in an external ARCHICAD file (PLN, PLA or TPL format). With the Import BIM Content function, you can import the following BIM Content to your ARCHICAD project:

  • A Classification System
  • Any Properties belonging to that Classification System
  • The IFC Translator “Mapping” presets based on that Classification System:
    • Type Mapping for IFC Import
    • Type Mapping for IFC Export
    • Property Mapping for IFC Export

If the BIM Content package below contains only the Classification System itself we provide it in XML format. These XML files can be imported in the Classification Manager.

How to use

Start Edition

Locate the desired classification standard in the table below and download BIM Content by clicking on the name of the standard.

Start Edition

In case of XML files go to Options > Classification Manager > click on the Import button.
In case of PLN files go to File > Interoperability > Classifications and Properties > Import BIM Content...

Start Edition

In the Open file dialog box, browse for the file that contains the classifications you need, then click OK.

Download Classification Format Version info Description Country/Lang. Last mod.
Uniclass 2015 XML April 2017   / English 29.06.17
Uniclass 2 XML December 2013   / English 14.06.17
CAWS XML March 1998   / English 28.07.17
SFG20 XML October 2016   / English 14.06.17
RICS NRM 1 XML January 2015   / English 14.06.17
RICS NRM 3 XML January 2015   / English 14.06.17
NBS Create XML July 2017   / English 22.08.17
MasterFormat XML April 2016   / English 14.06.17
Omniclass XML May 2012   / English 14.06.17
UniFormat XML E1557-1997   / English 14.06.17
CCS (DK) XML April 2017   / Danish 29.06.17
CCS (EN) XML April 2017   / English 29.06.17
BIM7AA PLN v 3.1   / English 15.09.17
Rumsfunktionskoder - CC001_001_001 XML 001   / Swedish 25.07.17
Rumsfunktion - CD002_001_001 XML 001   / Swedish 25.07.17
Funktionskoder Regionservice
- CD001_001_004
XML 004   / Swedish 25.07.17
NS 3451 - Beygningsdelstabell XML 2009   / Norvegian 28.07.17
TALO 2000 Hankenimikkeistö XML 2006   / Finnish 22.09.17
TALO 2000 Building Component
XML 2006   / English 22.09.17
SINAPI XML PCI.818.01   / Portuguese 29.06.17
NL/SfB (4 digits) XML 2005   / Dutch 22.09.17
EcoQuestor XML 2014   / Dutch 22.09.17
BB/SfB (3/4 digits) XML 1990   / Dutch 22.09.17
VMSW XML December 2015   / Dutch 22.09.17