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GRAPHISOFT License Activation               

GRAPHISOFT Protection key programming service will be maintained on 02/02/2015 between 7.00 AM and 10.00 AM (GMT).
During the maintenance work the License Activation tool and Upgrade site will not functioning.

To activate your protection key; or to upgrade GRAPHISOFT product licenses on it, follow these steps:


Download the GRAPHISOFT License Activation tool

Download Language Windows Mac OSX Last modified
GRAPHISOFT License Activation   INT   107 MB  84 MB June 12, 2013


Unplug the protection key before installing the tool.


Install GRAPHISOFT License Activation.


Insert protection key.


Start GRAPHISOFT License Activation and follow the instructions.

Note: The GRAPHISOFT License Activation tool will install necessary drivers for the CodeMeter key. You can also download drivers on our download page.


If you experience any problem with the GRAPHISOFT License Activation, try to activate the licenses on This online website has generally the same functionality as License Activation, but it might require the Java Plug-In to be manually enabled:

For further information visit the Troubleshooting Guide for License Activation on GRAPHISOFT Help  Center.