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GRAPHISOFT License Activation               

The GRAPHISOFT License Activation Tool can be used to program GRAPHISOFT  product licenses onto hardware protection keys (CodeMeter or WibuKey).
Follow the steps below if you have recently purchased a new GRAPHISOFT product or you are eligible for a product update.

To Activate Protection Key

Start Edition

If inserted, remove protection key from computer.

Start Edition

Download and install GRAPHISOFT License Activation. Restart computer if prompted.

Download Language Windows Mac OSX Last modified
GRAPHISOFT License Activation   INT   107 MB  84 MB June 12, 2013

Start Edition

Insert protection key into computer and make sure you are connected to the internet.

Start Edition

Start GRAPHISOFT License Activation and follow the instructions.

Additional Information

If you wish to download the license key driver separately, you can find the latest GRAPHISOFT tested drivers on our download page:

In certain situations, you might want to use our old, web-based activation method. Please note that this might require changes in Java Security settings. In most cases, you should use the standard activation methods described above:

For additional help, contact your local support.