API Development KitVersion: 15

Bug List

Please find below a list of known and already fixed defects in the API.

You may also check the list of corrected bugs of the API of the previous ArchiCAD versions:

API related bugs fixed in ArchiCAD 15

Ref. # Build Defect summary
API 15


Known bugs and requests that have not been corrected yet

Ref. # Defect summary
27854 APIAny_NeigToCoordID API function does not check invalid inIndex
31674 The APIDb_ShowHideElement database function does nothing
34795 ACAPI_Element_SetUserData breaks the link between elements and associated dimensions if the APIUserDataFlag_UndoAble flag is set
34815 Modifying additional parameters of an object from an add-on's custom panel appended to the Object Settings dialog has not effect on the object's preview
35522 Page size and orientation cannot be set for printing via API
36343 Unable to define gables for zone elements
36602 ACAPI_Element_GetComponents can be interrupted with "Reference key code not found" warning dialog
37341 Load Favorites functionality should be available through API
39402 API does not send element notifications when placed hotlink is deleted
39554 Panels registered with ACAPI_Register_AttributePanel do not appear in Material Settings dialog
39641 Element links on Section window are not updated when Section is rebuilt from model
52660 Changed floorplan elements in the section/elevation window are not rebuilt automatically (for a workaround see API_SectElemID notes at ACAPI_Element_Change)
53242 Cannot access section database via API if it has not been opened yet
53271 ACAPI_Element_Delete does not return error code when deleting elements from a hidden layer
53273 APIEnv_ChangeSunSetsID is documented but not implemented
53458 Changing the Master of a layout in TeamWork does not send API notification
53993 ACAPI_Command_ExternalCall hangs if called during GDL interpretation
54272 API_ProjectInfo does not tell if signed in TeamWork Administrator mode
64457 Cannot add custom panel to Profile Attribute Settings
67485 Element ID conversion routines do not work from APINotify_ConvertUnId and APINotify_ConvertGuid project event handlers during file merge operation
74337 APIAny_GetTextureCoordID works incorrectly
88303 Request for notification when the user changes an object instance to a library part referring different subtype
88304 Request for unregister library parts
101389 Cannot apply correct image cropping, and a drawing created from clipped drawings will become unclipped
103219 ACAPI_LibPart_ShapePrims does not work for default
104556 API_WallQuantity does not contain the surface area of the outside of a complex wall (cWallSurface1)
115160 Element Info Tag of a 3rd-party registered subtype tool element shows only the name of the tool