API Development KitVersion: 15

Structure of an Add-On

Practically an add-on is a DLL on Windows, or a Mach-O bundle on the Macintosh. When you launch ArchiCAD, it looks for the available add-ons in this order:

If ArchiCAD finds an Add-Ons folder somewhere, it gathers all the appropriate files from it and from its subfolders. Subfolders on any level are skipped when the name of it begins with the a parentheses '(' character. Add-ons can also be loaded individually in the Add-On Manager (Options/Add-On Manager) in ArchiCAD, which also facilitates enabling and disabling of loaded add-ons. Please note that certain add-ons cannot be unloaded runtime; you'll have to restart ArchiCAD to disable those.

Every file must pass several tests to be considered as a valid ArchiCAD add-on. If the any of the following requirements are not fulfilled the add-on commands will be not mounted into the ArchiCAD.

Required Resources

In order to be able to build an add-on you must fulfill some requirements in the source files too. Also there are requirements how to set up compilation options and linking parameters.

Required Functions
Compilation and Linking Issues