API Development KitVersion: 15

System Requirements

This Developer Kit contains all the necessary support to develop your add-on either on Windows or Macintosh. This development kit also fully supports cross platform development.

On a MacTel Macintosh we support OS X 10.6 and later. The the necessary build environment is Xcode 3.2 and GCC 4.0. (Note, that ArchiCAD 15 is a Mach-O Cocoa application, and the add-ons are Mach-O bundles. Add-on developers must adapt the corresponding environment and rules.)

On Windows you need Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2005 installed. 32 bit and 64-bit architectures are both supported.

Libraries and header files mainly assume that you are working with the above systems, however there are some possibilities to move your development to other environments on Windows. Refer to the Non Visual C++ Development document for more details.