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Read-Me File Guidelines

Each software product, published on CD-ROM or other media, must contain a Read- Me file.

If different platform versions exist (e.g. for Mac and for Windows), each version needs a specific Read-Me.

As the standard language is English, at least an English Read-Me has to be submitted by the given material. In case of localized versions further localized Read-Me(s) are required.

Recommended file formats: HTML, TXT, WRI.


The structure of a Read-Me

Welcome to

Product name

© Developer, published by Publisher®

Content of the software package ("Content of this CD-ROM")

Short description of the product

Where to find documentation of the product? (in the package, online)

How to receive support?

What else does the package contain: QuickTime, Acrobat Reader, pictures, movies?


How to use the product with ArchiCAD

Hardware/Software requirements Are they the same as for ArchiCAD, or different?

Installation How to start the installer? Where to copy the files, if no installer is provided. How to overwrite earlier version of this product?

Loading the product

What other files or components does the product need? (e.g. standard ArchiCAD library, other Add-on)

Compatible ArchiCAD versions



Installation of additional programs

Installation instructions for the other programs in the package, like QuickTime or Acrobat Reader.



Developer (name, address, e-mail, web page)

Publisher (name, address, e-mail, web page)

Other copyright notices