Basic Library Version: 16

New GDL Features in ArchiCAD 14


  1. Purpose of the document
  2. List of new features
    1. New/changed global variables
    2. New request functions
    3. New commands

1. Purpose of the document

This document informs you about the new GDL features in ArchiCAD 14. You can find the definition of the new and changed commands in the GDL Reference Guide. Some of these topics are described in the Basic Library Documentation, too. The links in this document refer to the latter one, if available.

2. List of new features

New/changed global variables

Wall elements listing

The following global variables are available for listing and labels only.

Wall/slab/roof skins

The following global variables were extended in their dimensions. The number of rows can grow to 48.

New request functions


This option is a variation of the WINDOW_DOOR_ZONE_RELEV request function for markers and labels.

Effective only if the library part's parent is a door or a window. Use it as a complement to the ZONE_RELATIONS_OF_OWNER request. Returns 1 in the out_direction variable if the parent's opening direction is in that of the first zone identified by the zone relations type requests, 2 if the opening direction is towards the second zone. It also returns 2 if there is only one zone and the opening direction is to the outside.

New commands


This command variation is an equivalent to CUTPLANE with correct side handling.

Prefer using CUTPLANE{3} instead of  CUTPLANE. If you use CUTPLANE with 5 parameters, then the 4th parameter will be omitted. For CUTPLANE{3}, this parameter has effect independently from the 5th parameter.