Shader: "blurred glass"

"blurred glass"

Synopsis Approximation of glass-like materials using ray-tracing, supporting reflection and refraction and blurring effects.

"specular factor" Description: The amount of specular reflection. Note that if blurred reflections are being calculated (which depends on the settings for 'blur quality settings' and/or 'quality') then you should turn 'specular factor' down to zero (or near zero), as specular effects will be handled by the blurred reflection calculation. Accounting for specular reflectivity twice in this way will normally lead to the material looking too bright.
Hint:[ 0, 1 ]
"transmission factor" Description: The amount of light transmitted through the material.
Hint:[ 0, 1 ]
"mirror factor" Description: The amount of mirror reflection.
Hint:[ 0, 1 ]
"roughness" Description: The sharpness of specular reflection highlights. The reflection is made sharper with small values for the roughness, such as 0.1. Larger values, such as 1.0, decrease the specular fall-off.
Hint:[ 0.001, 1 ]
"refraction" Description: The refractive index (for all wavelengths). The default value corresponds to glass.
Hint:[ 1, 2.5 ]
"quality" Description: The smoothness of the mirror reflection and refracted image when blurred. The images are made smoother with higher values for the quality, such as 1.0. Low values, such as 0.01, lead to a noisy appearance. If the quality is 0, no blurring occurs. Note that if blurring is turned on you should reduce the 'specular factor' to avoid accounting for specular effects twice.
Hint:[ 0.0, 1.0 ]
"blur quality settings" Description: Specifies how the quality of the blurring is affected by a global control variable (which in turn can be set via the 'blurred shader quality' argument of the 'photorealistic', 'ray traced', 'scan line' and 'progressive ray traced' render styles). 'Use Local' causes the global value to be ignored, and the parameter 'quality' is used directly. 'Use Global' causes the 'quality' setting to be ignored, and the value of the global variable is used instead. 'Scale By Global' causes the two values to be multiplied together to give the final quality value. Note that if the global setting is zero (which is the default), blurring will be off unless you use the 'Use Local' setting.
"blur factor" Description: The sharpness of the reflected and transmitted images. Increasing the blur factor increases the amount by which the images are blurred.
Hint:[ 0.0, 1.0 ]

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