Basic Library Version: 16

Window Light

  1. General Description
  2. Parameters
  3. Usage

1. General Description

Window Light is a solution to simulate the diffuse light in the rooms which is generated by the incoming sunlight.

The final intensity of the light depends on the following values:

The following pictures show the rendering output without and with Window Lights set.

without WL - dark result with WL - more realistic result

2. Parameters

The input parameters of this object are:

Hide Name Type Default Effects Description
A Length 1 2D / 3D Width of the window
B Length 1 3D Height of the window
C Boolean 1 3D Switch the light source on / off
D RGB 0.7333 3D Red color component
E RGB 0.8235 3D Green color component
F RGB 1.0 3D Blue color component
G Intensity 50 3D Intensity of the Window Light
hidden ZZYZX Length 1 - Not used
hidden AC_show2DHotspotsIn3D Boolean 0 - Not used
gs_lwa_light_res Integer 0 3D The number of light sources. Available values: 0 - 5
gs_lwa_cast_shadows Boolean 1 3D Shadows casting on/off
gs_lwa_soft_shadows Boolean 1 3D Shadow softness on/off
gs_lwa_shadow_quality Integer 3 3D Quality of shadows. Available values: 0 - 5
gs_lwa_rotateangle Angle 0 2D / 3D Rotation angle around the X axle. It can be used for skylights in roofs. Available values: [-90; 90]
gs_lwa_set_sun_position Boolean 0 2D / 3D Set Sun Position Manually
gs_lwa_sun_azimuth Angle 0 2D / 3D Sun Azimuth - If gs_lwa_set_sun_position = 0 then this parameter use the GLOB_SUN_AZIMUTH global.
gs_lwa_sun_altitude Angle -1 3D Sun Altitude - If gs_lwa_set_sun_position = 0 then this parameter use the GLOB_SUN_ALTITUDE global.
gs_cont_pen Pen 10 2D / 3D Object contour pen
hidden gs_lwa_intensity Length 0.5 2D / 3D Internal parameter for the hotspot editing of the Intesity
hidden gs_lwa_halfwidth Length 0.5 2D / 3D Internal parameter for the hotspot editing of the window width
hidden gs_lwa_projected_height Length 1.0 2D Internal parameter for the hotspot editing of the window height in case of gs_lwa_rotateangle <> 0

Light Resolution

This parameter is used to specify the number of light sources generated in the area of the window.
Available values are:

0 Only one light source is generated in the middle of the window
1 - 5 One or more light sources are generated depending on the surface of the window and the intensity of light

It is worthwhile to set this parameter at least to 1 if the side ratio of the window exceeds 1:2.
For larger window sizes (eg. surface greather than 5 m²) it is worthwhile to set it to 2 or higher.
Note that using larger values can decrease the amount of overexposed areas.

gs_lwa_light_res = 0 gs_lwa_light_res = 1
overexposed surfaces realistic surfaces

Shadow Casting

This parameter sets shadow casting of the Window Light on / off.

gs_lwa_cast_shadows = 0 gs_lwa_cast_shadows = 1
casting no shadows casting shadows

Soft and Hard Shadows

This parameter is used to specify whether hard-edged shadows or soft-edged shadows should be created.

gs_lwa_soft_shadows = 0 gs_lwa_soft_shadows = 1
sharp shadow edges smooth shadow edges

Shadow Quality

It defines the quality of the soft shadows casted by the Window Light. Available values are integer numbers with the range [0 - 5]. The default is 3.
It maps the following LightWorks® shader arguments:

gs_lwa_shadow_quality = 1 gs_lwa_shadow_quality = 3
poor quality high quality

3. Usage

  1. Place the light in front of the window's glass and rotate it to face inwards. The direction of the light is represented by an arrow both in 2D and 3D.
  2. Set up the "Width of the Window" and the "Height of the Window" parameters according to the related window. You can do it with 2D/3D hotspot editing too.
  3. The light intensity will be calculated by the object from these input parameters but you can modify it manually with the lamp intensity parameter. It is 50% by default. You can also adjust it with 2D/3D hotspot editing.

usage for a door

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