Basic Library Version: 16

CompositeLogic Macro

General Description

This macro is used by the Cavity Closure macro to retrieve information about the composite structure of the wall containing the opening. The macro returns data on the top of the GDL stack in the following order:

Name Description
bIsComposite is the wall simple or composite (0 / 1)
lastCoreSkinIndex the index of the last core skin (integral value)
compositeThickness the total thickness of the current wall's composite structure (real value)

Note, that the latter two parameters are returned only if the wall is composite !


The macro has no input parameters, it uses the global GDL variables that are describing the wall.


We assume the thki values are the skin thicknesses in the WALL_SKINS_PARAMS array.

The compositeThickness value is calculated as follows:

Thickness Formula Thickness as one line

Note, that for straight or curved walls, this formula returns the composite thickness that can be seen in the Composite Structures Dialog. Trapeze walls use different approach: the skin thicknesses are measured along the thick polyline that can be seen on the figure above.