Basic Library Version: 16

LoadQueue and SaveQueue Macros

  1. General Description
  2. Parameters
  3. Usage

1. General Description

If you use parameter buffer operations in a macro, you have to make sure the parameter buffer is empty.

You should frame your buffer operation with these two macros.

The SaveQueue macro saves the content of the parameter queue into an array and returns it to the caller. The caller object has to define an array type variable (or parameter) to receive the content of the buffer.

The LoadQueue macro restores the original state. It loads the array variable's elements into the parameter buffer.

2. Parameters

Returned parameters of SaveQueue macro

Position Type Remarks
1 Length array type parameter to store buffer

Parameters of LoadQueue macro

Name Type Remarks
savedQueueValues Length array type parameter to store buffer

3. Usage

! === save the current parameter buffer dim savedQueueValues[] call "SaveQueue" parameters returned_parameters savedQueueValues ... do something with the parameter buffer ! === restore the saved parameter buffer call "LoadQueue" parameters savedQueueValues = savedQueueValues