Basic Library Version: 16

OpeningLines Macro

General Description

This macro is used to draw the opening lines to door leaves and window sashes. This lines should be set by Model View Options.


name type description default
A Length Width of opening line - width of door/window panel 1
B Length Height of opening line - height of door/window panel 1
frameThickness Length Leaf or frame thickness - distance between the opening lines on the sides of panel 0.07
iOpeningType Integer Opening type - more details under Usage 1
opLineType3dIn Integer Linetype openingside (0=continuous, 1=dashed, 2=dotted) 0
opLineType3dOut Integer Linetype opposite to opening side (0=continuous, 1=dashed, 2=dotted) 0
gs_opline_style_m Integer Opening line style (1=INT&DACH default towards handle, 2=towards hinges) 1
gs_opLinePen PenColor Opening line pen 0
opLineType2d LineType Opening line type in 2d 1
bArrowWithoutEnd Boolean No endline on arrows in case of sliding doors/windows 0
sideHeightMod Length Side height modification in case of trapezoid and other special panel shapes (0 = default, half height) 0


In general you should call the macro from te 3D script, like this::

call "OpeningLines" parameters a = a, b = b, frameThickness = gs_leaf_thk, iOpeningType = iOpeningType, opLineType3dIn = opLineType3dIn, opLineType3dOut = opLineType3dOut, gs_opLinePen = gs_opLinePen, gs_opline_style_m = gs_opline_style_m

Available opening types

Opening Types (iOpeningType values) implemented now:
1 = Fixed Glazing
2 = Sash Fixed with Screw
3 = Side Hung
4 = Side Hung Mirrored
5 = Tilt and Turn
6 = Tilt and Turn Mirrored
7 = Bottom Hung
8 = Top Hung
9 = Horizontal Pivot Hung
10 = Vertical Pivotted
11 = Tilt and Slide
12 = Left Sliding
13 = Right Sliding
14 = Sliding Up
15 = Sliding Down