About "Check Duplicates" Add-On


This ArchiCAD Add-On can find, select or delete items sharing the same parameters (type, color, thickness, height, etc...) and occupying the same spot on the floor plan. Unwanted doubles are typically created by either accidentally double-clicking at the same mouse position or by copying and pasting items several times to the same location.

HOW TO INSTALL "Check Duplicates" ADD-ON?

To install "Check Duplicates" Add-On, copy "Check Duplicates" file into your designated Add-Ons folder (typically the Add-Ons folder in the ArchiCAD 10 folder). In this case, the add-on will be automatically loaded the next time you start ArchiCAD. Alternatively, you can save the Add-On anywhere on your hard disk, and load it through the Add-On Manager (Options menu).

HOW TO USE "Check Duplicates" ADD-ON?

The Add-On will add two new command to ArchiCAD: Select Duplicates and Delete Duplicates

Select Duplicates

The Select... command will select and highlight all duplicated elements in the active window. If you placed a marquee in the window, or you have selected elements before evoking the command, then you can limit the range of the command to the marquee area or the selected elements. Only duplicates will be selected, the original item will not be affected.

Delete Duplicates

With the Delete... command it is possible to delete duplicate elements over the entire project (all stories and sections). You can also limit the range of the command to the active window, or - if you have selected elements before evoking the command - to the current selection. Clicking the Delete button will delete duplicates, but will leave the original element intact.


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