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1st Pricing Announces Cloud-Integrated BIM Add-on for ARCHICAD 15

BUDAPEST, October 18, 2011 -- 1st Pricing, a Southern California-based eCommerce and Technology Company, has announced the release of an add-on that links their revolutionary Cloud-Integrated Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to GRAPHISOFT’s® ARCHICAD®. This is the first technology to seamlessly integrate BIM into the design process - one that automatically creates a detailed bill of materials with pricing and an online shopping cart pulling precise specifications from various Cloud sources – called “5e” by the Company. 1st Pricing has created a standardized platform that integrates to other CAD programs and eCommerce portals with supplier or distributor prices. This allows the purchase of “specified” materials online. The technology can also deliver Green ratings, LEED data and Energy Efficiency information.

“The 1st Pricing add-on allows architects and designers to access real-world, commercially available products in their designs. The add-on relies on a patented communication module that automatically accesses external databases for product detail - from availability to line item pricing to performance ratings – even “Green” ratings,” said Douglas Lopez, Founder of 1st Pricing. “You can also access design details and elements without opening the CAD program – it is all available online for everyone involved in the building process,” he continued1st Pricing provides precise detail to all downstream consumers of the information and provides the decision-maker detailed information in order for them to make better, more informed decisions. With the click of a button, the 1st Pricing technology accesses multiple external databases through an internet remote server. Additionally, it can provide “Green” information, Energy ratings, RFID or provide comparison pricing of multiple brands to fill out a detailed bill of materials with all related content on demand making for easy fulfillment. Changes and updates are made within seconds. “It can even populate LEED forms,” Lopez said.

“We are pleased to be involved with this revolutionary service,” said Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, VP of Product Management. “Furthering the growth of BIM is at the core of what we do,” he continued.

About 1st Pricing

1st Pricing is part of California Distribution Center (CDC), a building material distribution company focusing on fenestration products. CDC also operates 1st - the only site on the Internet that offers instant, real-time, dynamic pricing and purchase of both replacement and new construction windows. The website, which also offers doors, skylights and acrylic glass block windows, has been online since April, 2000. The add-on can be downloaded for free at

The site allows anyone, homeowner, do-it-yourselfer, architect or contractor, to get buy-it-now pricing for made-to-order windows. Not only does the site offer pricing for a specific brand, it can offer on-demand pricing for up to six brands, simultaneously, with the click of a mouse. When the order is fulfilled, the manufacturer delivers the product directly to the jobsite.


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