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Education News

GRAPHISOFT China sponsors Henan student competition

GRAPHISOFT China | March 2017

The 2nd Henan college students' BIM competition of 2016 was held by the civil engineering and architectural institution of Henan, sponsored by GRAPHISOFT China and supported by Beijing BestBIM Technology Co. The competition ran from May to November. During that time, GRAPHISOFT China and its partner organized 8 college roadshows and 4 technical training sessions. Twenty teams from 10 colleges joined the final competition, involving 200+ students from Henan Province. Henan University of Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, and Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management came out on top as winners.

List of colleges:
Henan University of Technology
Henan University of Science and Technology
Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management
Henan University
Nanyang Normal University
Henan University of Urban Construction
Anyang Institute of Technology
Shangqiu Normal University
Zhongyuan University of Technology
North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power
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ARCHICAD Powers Students Design in Action Project

Mary Moscarello Gutierrez | March 6, 2017

GRAPHISOFT North America partnered with the Washington Architectural Foundation, Catholic University of America’s Architecture School (CUA), and Common Good City Farm (CGCF) to support Design in Action: Build (DIA: Build). Janet Bloomberg, principal of DC-based ARCHICAD firm, KUBE Architecture is the founder of the program, along with Eric Jenkins of CUA.

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5D BIM Immersion and Competition in Australia draws students from 3 universities

GRAPHISOFT Australia | February 10, 2017

The 5D BIM Immersion and Competition was recently held at the University of Melbourne for the third year in a row, with students from the National University of Singapore and Deakin University joining as well. The provides an avenue for the participants to understand, use and explore 4D and 5D BIM concepts and processes. This is achieved through 3 days of intensive BIM education and training, which explores BIM theories and concepts, BIM processes, tools, and software. Support by GRAPHISOFT Australia | Central Innovation included providing an IFC model of a commercial building to be used during the BIM competition for 4D and 5D take-off; conducting a session to demonstrate how a digital model of a commercial building suitable for 4D and 5D take-off is created using ARCHICAD 20. The final two days of the event were competition-based. Students highlighted the challenges and benefits of model-based processes in construction cost estimation and scheduling as well as the role of model coordination. They were also judged on their suggestions regarding the possible changes in cost management and scheduling practices that could result from the uptake of digital technology and the barriers to BIM adoption.

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GRAPHISOFT Korea Online Camp & Competition

GRAPHISOFT Korea | February 15, 2017

GRAPHISOFT Korea recently held its first annual Online Camp & Competition for architecture students to showcase their creativity and knowledge of BIM. The online camp offered students an opportunity to learn ARCHICAD and BIM remotely. To compete, students had to use the ARCHICAD training materials. The online training lasted 5 days with 102 students from 17 universities completing the course; 73 of these students went on to compete. Four teams were selected to present to a panel of professors, architects, and BIM specialists. The first-place winner of the competition, Mr. Changjun Bae, was awarded 1,000,000 KRW (US$870) and a 3-day trip to Japan; the 2nd and 3rd place teams were awarded 500,000 KRW (US$435) and 300,000 KRW (US$260) respectively.

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Italian Student Case Study: Energy consumption with ARCHICAD as Open BIM

Franco Lombardi Romero and Marco Sabatino UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE | Jan 24, 2017

Methodology and interoperability in the use of a BIM system for the analysis of the energy needs of complex buildings.  The case study examines the pavilion at the entrance of the Careggi hospital in Florence.

The BIM thesis begins with the reconstruction of the virtual model of the building to derive the estimate of its energy consumption.

N.I.C. is Nuovo Ingresso Careggi – the entrance pavilion of the Careggi hospital in Florence.

BIM is the way to reach collaboration among the various professionals involved in the current specialized building construction industry.

Even if this seems to be a commonly accepted fact, from a practical point of view, interoperability between software is not always perfect today.  As a result, OPEN BIM is not always an obvious process.  Some choices were made during this study, including software and import/export formats, due to both successful and unsuccessful attempts. In the end, the identified method was presented and its results are reliable.

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New Zealand’s Top Student Architecture Prize-winner Announced

GRAPHISOFT Australia | December 5, 2016

L. Mason Rattray of Unitec’s Architecture Department has received New Zealand’s top prize for final-year architecture students.

Rattray was announced as the winner of the 2016 NZIA Central Innovation Student Design Awards following two days of presentations and judging at TSB Arena in Wellington. The 12 finalists at the awards were drawn from New Zealand’s three schools of architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Auckland and Unitec.

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GRAPHISOFT sponsors AIA Europe Student Competition in Cyprus in October

GRAPHISOFT | Nov 21, 2016

Over four full days of site visits, lectures and tours, this AIA Europe architecture and urbanism conference explored the Cypriot culture through the lens of rural/urban transformation, while an architectural student/member collaboration – through a student design competition – provided and in-depth look at an emblematic site in the old town of Girne/Kyrenia. Four international student teams, led by professional and academic mentors, were invited to develop adaptive reuse projects for the municipality's Old Bazaar ‘Bandabuliya.’ GRAPHISOFT's Tibor Szolnoki, ARCHICAD Implementation Team Leader, held a short training, and developed an ARCHICAD model for the students to base their projects on.

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ARCHICAD Design & Skill Contest Draws Talented Students from across Thailand

Graphisoft | Sep 5, 2016

BANGKOK, THAILAND, September 5, 2016 -- AppliCAD held a successful ARCHICAD Design & Skill Contest for architecture students on July 14 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). This year, the objective of the contest was to give university students the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, creativity and architectural skills before becoming professional architects. The theme of the competition was “Building Renovation Creative Meeting Point,” focusing on the renovation of an old building into a creative meeting point suitable for the urban lifestyle. The model was inspired by the renovation of a two-block building near a Bangkok Skytrain station.

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First Fridays for Education – September 2016

Rita Hicks | Sep 2, 2016

As the temperatures cool and the daylight gets shorter, not only does autumn approach, so does a new semester at school! As you begin or continue your studies as an up-and-coming architect, it is easy – and FREE – to stay current with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.

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BIM Summer Course 2016 at Hong Kong University

Enzyme Team | Aug 17, 2016

Sharing experiences about BIM with architecture students

During the month of July some members of the Enzyme Apd team were invited to share their professional experience using BIM at an Architecture firm with the Architecture students of the HKU.

The Course was organized during a six day workshop with a series of theory – learning lessons complemented with practical exercises and graded assignments.

The different Software imparted were ARCHICAD, Revit and Digital Project. The students were meant to chose one of them in order to get slightly different approach to BIM and later share their experience in a common review.

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Nurturing talent in Vietnam at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture

Tatsuro Kawai | July 28, 2016

The Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture in Vietnam hosted the final round of the ARCHICAD BIM competition on June 24, 2016. The winner was Team “345". The competition was established in 2014, and is organized by GRAPHISOFT Japan and Ho Chin Minh City University. It is sponsored by Kajima Corporation, Okinawa Digital Vision, YKK AP FACADE, and several other firms. This year, close to 300 students participated; the task was to design buildings in the densely populated area of a city. As a result of this competition, Team “345” won a trip to Japan to see BIM in practice. In addition, the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the competition won internships with the sponsoring companies.

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ARCHICAD and the Pavilion of Charles V

Julian Enrique Nieto, Juan José Moyano, Fernando Rico and Daniel Antón | June 6, 2016

The Pavilion of Charles V, a Renaissance building located in Seville, Spain, was selected for a study focused on managing information models in the field of architectural and cultural heritage interventions. This work constitutes a project of intervention based on Heritage or Historic Building Information Modelling, called the 'HBIM Project.' The outcome of this research demonstrated that BIM — in this case ARCHICAD — has the tools necessary to model complex geometries that are typical of architectural heritage. Learn how ARCHICAD was instrumental in mapping this historic building in preparation for future restoration work.

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GRAPHISOFT Plays Key Role in Budapest ‘CAADence in Architecture’ Conference

Graphisoft | June 16, 2016

As the main sponsor, GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer for architects and designers, has developed a series of powerful workshops for this year’s ‘CAADence in Architecture’ conference, June 16-17, in Budapest, Hungary.

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Student Competition Winners!

Mary Moscarello Gutierrez | Jun 3, 2016

GRAPHISOFT North America, in partnership with award-winning ARCHICAD firm, Kitchen & Associates (K&A) and AIA West Jersey, proudly announce the winners of our inaugural student design competition.

We arranged the competition to coincide with the annual American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention in Philadelphia, PA. That’s because Philadelphia played a big role in the competition. We invited students, enrolled in architectural or interior design programs (graduate and undergraduate) in the United States, to use ARCHICAD to design a temporary, mobile visitor center with shipping containers as their primary material. The visitor center could then be situated in popular event locations across Philadelphia, this year’s AIA Conference host city.

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First Fridays for Education – April

by Mary Moscarello Gutierrez | Apr 1, 2016

Have you joined our national one-stage competition? All U.S.-based architecture and interior design students (graduate or undergraduate) are invited to develop and design a mobile visitor center using shipping containers that could be constructed in various locations around the city of Philadelphia.

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First Fridays for Education – March

by Mary Moscarello Gutierrez | Mar 4, 2016

GRAPHISOFT North America announces an exciting student design competition that challenges you to position Philadelphia’s rich history in front of the millions of tourists who visit it annually.  The City of Brotherly Love hosts dozens of concerts, conventions, sporting events, and festivals – so the draw is there, but what the city lacks are temporary mobile visitor centers that can be brought to those venues and welcome event attendees.

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ARCHICAD Student Design Competition

by Mary Moscarello Gutierrez | Mar 2, 2016

GRAPHISOFT North America announces an exciting student design competition that challenges you to position Philadelphia’s rich history in front of the millions of tourists who visit it annually. The City of Brotherly Love hosts dozens of concerts, conventions, sporting events, and festivals – so the draw is there, but what the city lacks are temporary mobile visitor centers that can be brought to those venues and welcome event attendees.

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First Fridays for Education

by Rita Hicks | Oct 2, 2015

A new school year, new software and new blog features for just for you! Introducing “First Fridays for Education”, every first Friday of the month, you’ll see a new video tutorial, along with inspiring stories of students and professors who are pushing the limits of design and productivity with ARCHICAD.

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