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Participants in the ArchiCAD Competency Challenge will take a multiple-choice test which examines their understanding of the Virtual Building concept, as well as knowledge of ArchiCAD functions. Fifty questions are randomly assigned from a database; for each question, the correct answer must be chosen from among four choices. While taking the test, participants get ninety seconds to answer each question. If they do not submit an answer within ninety seconds, that question disappears, and they are prompted to proceed to the next question.

You can take as many ‘practicing’ tests as desired. You can choose to have your practice results listed in our ‘ArchiCAD Competency Challenge’ web-database. This way you can compare your knowledge to fellow ArchiCAD users. To earn an official Graphisoft certificate of ArchiCAD knowledge you must take the test under the supervision of an authorized ArchiCAD examiner. Graphisoft is currently in the process of organizing authorized ArchiCAD examiners; a list of available examiners will soon be available.