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ArchiCAD Interactive Training Guides

ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 1 (ArchiCAD Teamwork)

The first part of the ArchiCAD Collaboration ITG gives a step-by-step introduction to GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD's Teamwork concept.

The Teamwork concept introduced in ArchiCAD 13 revolutionizes BIM collaboration, changing the work methods of members of an architectural team, consultants and clients.

The completion of the guide requires 4-6 hours.

ArchiCAD 14 Packages

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English (Metric) Download (782 MB) Download (742 MB)
Deutsch Download (601 MB) Download (559 MB)
日本語 Download (993 MB) Download (893 MB)

Once downloaded, the contents of the .zip files must be copied to the GRAPHISOFT folder (under Applications on Mac, or Program Files on Windows).
Launch ArchiCAD and open the first, ’COL-01.pln’ project file. Once opened, launch the ArchiCAD YouTube Channel from ArchiCAD’s Help menu and choose the ’Training Guide - Collaboration 1 - BIM Server’ Playlist.