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Support News

ARCHICAD, BIM Server, BIMcloud 19 & 20 Update Previews available

We made available the Preview version of our next updates for ARCHICAD, BIM Server & BIMcloud 19 and 20. The packages are already tested with the AUS, INT, UKI and USA language versions of ARCHICAD, BIM Server and BIMcloud.

These Updates Packages are currently available as Preview versions, meaning that you can only access them through the Download site. The automatic Check for Updates system will not offer these packages within ARCHICAD yet. We plan to release these packages publicly (through ARCHICAD’s Check for Updates) in May depending on the feedback from this preview period.

Grasshopper - ARCHICAD Live Connection Tool Update

We are pleased to inform you about the latest release of the Grasshopper–ARCHICAD Live Connection Tool for ARCHICAD 20, Win and Mac (version 1.7).

The latest update provides several new features for those who wish to use algorithmic design in a BIM environment:

  • The new Preview Option ensures more precise and colored preview of ARCHICAD elements in Rhino.
  • The Grasshopper code can now generate ARCHICAD Zone elements as well.
  • Thanks to the new Door and Window Components, the position of the opening element along the host Wall’s reference line is defined by a Point input parameter.

This update also contains some improvements of existing features, for instance:

  • “Bake” generated elements in ARCHICAD make it possible to copy-paste Grasshopper-generated elements to keep and compare different ones.
  • For a cleaner workflow, Morph Component has been split into two separate components for converting Mesh type data and Curve type data into ARCHICAD Morph elements.

ARCHICAD 19 Update 8000 and ARCHICAD 20 Update 5025 are available

Today we have started to publicly release the next Updates for ARCHICAD 19 & 20. These Updates have already been available as Preview versions in the past few weeks. As of today, the Updates are available through ARCHICAD’s Check for Updates system for the following language versions:

  • AC 19 Update 8000: All languages
  • AC 20 Update 5025: AUS, AUT, CHE, GER, INT, UKI, USA

The AC 20 Update will be available for the rest of the language versions as soon as they pass Quality Control.

Read the Release Notes & download the Update packages from our sites:

BIMx 2017 Q1 Update

We are pleased to inform you that the 2017 Q1 update for BIMx and BIMx PRO been released both on iOS and Android.
The new functions:

  • Google Drive is now supported in BIMx to transfer Hyper-models on all desktop and mobile operating systems (including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and iOS as well as Google Android devices).
  • Apple AirDrop is also supported in BIMx, making it easy to transfer Hyper-models among any iOS or Mac OS devices.
  • New options for sharing Hyper-model with friends and business partners:
    • as an interactive, panoramic 360 Photo on Facebook
    • as a Tweet or LinkedIn update, with embedded camera view, directly from the BIMx model
    • or using any other sharing methods (email, iMessage, Messenger, Viber, Yammer, etc.) for which you have installed the appropriate app.
  • Also several bugs were fixed.

No licensing changes in this update. Previously purchased BIMx licenses are unaffected by the update.

Beta version for Grasshopper - ARCHICAD 20 Live Connection for Mac is available

The Beta version for Grasshopper - ARCHICAD 20 Live Connection for Mac can be downloaded from here. For reporting errors or sending feedback please use our ARCHICAD-Rhinoceros-Grasshopper Connection Beata site.

Updated License Manager Tool (LMT) Released

We have released the updated version of our License Manager Tool in 7 language versions (INT, SPA, ITA, JPN, FRA, GER, CHI): You can download the installers from here.
Until December 18 both the old and the new versions of the LMT can be used.
Starting from December 19 only the new version of the LMT will work. The old LMT will notify users that a mandatory LMT update is available. From this date on, the old LMT version can’t be used and users must download and install the new LMT version to be able to do any licence management (transferring, updating licenses, etc.).
Please note, that the above – two-step – LMT launch enables IT and BIM Managers of large offices to perform the necessary update on time, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for the users.
Here are the most important improvements of the new LMT (Build compared to the previous LMT version (Build

  • The CodeMeter/Wibu driver has an updated process when checking for updates,
  • Fully refreshed and modern user interface,
  • Unified GSID login workflow,
  • Chinese localization,
  • CEnhanced software key upload process,
  • Faster Software key availability after key transfer action.

New Download for ARCHICAD Connection Add-In for Revit Application is Available

ARCHICAD Connection for Revit 2017 has been released.

Download ARCHICAD Connection Add-In for Revit 2017

GRAPHISOFT API Developer Portal Launched

We are glad to announce the launch of ARCHICAD API Developer Site, the new central connection point for ARCHICAD add-on developers. The goal of this site is to have all GRAPHISOFT’s API-related information in one place: online registration, official documentation, frequently asked questions, and a blog.
The site is intended for developers, not general users.
Highlights of new site:

  • Smooth and polished API registration process to fit the needs of the modern world. After you obtained your GSID, you can immediately register to become an ARCHICAD API developer!
  • Current and past Development Kits are available for download.
  • Browse and search the latest API documentation, the FAQs, and the blog posts.
  • View developer information on your profile page.

Changes in ARCHICAD supported versions

ARCHICAD 20 has started shipping, and in accordance with GRAPHISOFT Customer Support policy, support for previous versions changes as follows:

  • ARCHICAD 17 is no longer supported. GRAPHISOFT 2nd tier Support (GRAPHISOFT headquarters) will not process ARCHICAD 17 related cases anymore.
  • ARCHICAD 18 will not get any more updates. The recently released Update 9019 was the last. 2nd tier Support will still process ARCHICAD 18 related cases and strive to provide reasonable workaround solutions for any remaining issues.
  • ARCHICAD 19 and ARCHICAD 20 will receive regular Updates in the future, with the next Update planned for fall/autumn.
Technical support is offered for the above versions only for clients with a valid Software Service Agreement (SSA). Local terms and policies may apply.

ARCHICAD 18 and BIM Server Update 9019 is Now Available

ARCHICAD 18 Update 9019 has been released. It is available through the automatic update system for AUS, AUT, GER, INT, JPN, KOR, NZE and UKI language versions. Other language versions will be released later.

Release Notes and Download Links for ARCHICAD 18 Update 9019