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ARCHICAD 8.1 R2+ patch

In this update we have addressed the following significant problems:

The R2+ patch updates all previously released ARCHICAD 8.1 versions:
AC 8.1 r1/v1 (Build 1307)
AC 8.1 r1/v1 patch (Build 1410)
AC 8.1 r2/v2 (Build 2256)
AC 8.1 r2/v2 Hotfix (Build 2275)

Compatibility note:

This patch does not update IFC add-ons. The R1/v1 version of the IFC add-on is incompatible with later versions of ARCHICAD. If you utilize IFC we highly recommend downloading the IFC 2x2 Add-On for AC 8.1 R2/v2 to avoid serious problems. The IFC 2x2 add-on is available on our website for download.


  1. Download the appropriate patch file for your localized language version of ARCHICAD.
  2. Unstuff the file's contents to a folder.
  3. Run the updater application.
  4. Locate the installed ARCHICAD's folder with the installer if necessary.
  5. The system might require you to give an administrator password in order to be able to modify ARCHICAD (the application itself).


  1. Download the appropriate updater archive and unzip it.
  2. Run the updater.
  3. Locate the installed ARCHICAD's folder if necessary. (You need to be able to modify the installed ARCHICAD application which might necessitate to run the updater with administrator rights).
Note that the application ARCHICAD must not be running when running the updater.
After successfully finishing the update process, the application ARCHICAD should display (2284) in the Help menu / 'About ARCHICAD®...' window in the lower right corner.

Notes for Door & WindowBuilder Users:

If you are a registered user of the D/W Builder please go to this page: