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Artlantis 4.5.6 Updater patch

How to install the Updater Artlantis 4.5.6

  1. First step:
    Artlantis must be in English language in order to update some Library elements.
    To do so: Launch your Artlantis 4.5 installed, in the Artlantis Preferences window choose the language «English» click then OK to validate. Now Artlantis is in English. Go to the Windows Artlantis menu choose the item «Library».
    Quit Artlantis.
  2. Launch the updater 4.5.6:
    Double click on the "Updater4.5.6" Updater (Mac) or "Updater456" (Windows). This updater will automatically locate the Artlantis 4.5 application. If you have several versions of Artlantis applications on your hard disk, you will be prompted to select the file that you wish to update. Once the application is selected, click on the "OK" button to begin the updating from 4.5.x toward 4.5.6. At the end of the updating, a message will confirm the successful installation. Then click on the "Quit" button.
  3. In Artlantis Preferences return to the language you want to run Artlantis.

See the ReadMe.htm file that is included in the updater archives for more details!