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Archive Component Updates

Instructions for use:

After downloading one of these component updates start the automatic updater (if available) or simply replace the outdated component in its respective folder with the downloaded one. Component Updates are meant for the INT (International) version of ArchiCAD unless otherwise noted.

Note: ArchiCAD/PlotMaker must not be running when executing the update process.

For Artlantis 4.5.x:

For ArchiCAD 7.0:

For ArchiCAD 6.5:

For ArchiCAD 6.0:

Note: Graphisoft does not provide technical support for Goodies (any add-ons included on the ArchiCAD CD that are not automatically placed in the Add-ons folder (or equivalent) by the Installer application). These items, which have been made available on the Graphisoft website, are not integral to ArchiCAD's functionality. They are provided on the CD/web for your convenience only, and do not come with any warranty.