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Piranesi Out for ARCHICAD 6.5

About the "Piranesi Engine" ARCHICAD Add-On

What is Piranesi?

Piranesi is an interactive paint system that enables you to produce exhibition quality images from three-dimensional models. You can paint any of the surfaces on a rendered scene, and the paint is sensitive to the surface you want to paint, and to the angle and distance of the surface within the scene.

How to install Piranesi Add-On

Copy the "EPX_Engine.REX" file into the ARCHICAD 6.0 or ARCHICAD 6.5 Add-On folder and restart ARCHICAD.

How to work with the "Piranesi Engine"

With this ARCHICAD add-on properly installed, you can save 3D models of your projects in the Piranesi file format.


Piranesi works with 24-bit/pixel "Color depth" BMP file files only. If you try to use a BMP file in any other "Color depth" as a template for the Piranesi EPX file, you will be notified by an alert.

The BMP picture used as a template for creating the EPX file must be the same size as the picture being rendered.

Perspectives only:
Piranesi works with perspective projections only. If you try to save an axonometric or orthogonal view in Piranesi format, you will be notified by an alert.