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Updated Reviewer Components for ARCHICAD 7.0 v3/R3

New improved parts of Project Reviewer are now available for download.

  1. Extract the content of the file (the archive must contain two files: Reviewer.htm, ReviewerBrowserDetect.htm).
  2. Replace the old files with these new ones in the
    Add-Ons:Standard:ReviewerCustom folder
    (located in the ARCHICAD 7.0 folder).
  3. Republish your sets.

Note that the application ARCHICAD should not be running when replacing the old parts.

Downloading this Reviewer update you will be able to overcome the following irregularity that was found in ARCHICAD 7.0 v3 on Mac OS X 10.2:

This update is ment for both platforms. The problem described above happened when trying to view the published set from a Mac OS X computer.