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Independent Software Vendors

Independent Software Vendors are Graphisoft's key partners in developing ARCHICAD-based software solutions for the AEC industry. Graphisoft strongly believes that teaming up with the best-in-class software developers in all branches of the CAD industry makes ARCHICAD even more powerful by giving usres freedom to customize ARCHICAD, and compatibility when contracting customers and consultants.


Cigraph - productivity tools

Cigraph, early partner of Graphisoft in distributing ARCHICAD, develops various add-ons for ARCHICAD. Cigraph products are popular in the ARCHICAD community for their creativity and ease of use.


Abvent - rendering

Abvent's rendering application, Artlantis, has a long tradition in the ARCHICAD community. The completely re-designed new generation of the program features Radiosity, enabling the user to create breathtaking high fidelity photorenderings.


LightWork Design - rendering

LightWork Design is the world's leading supplier of rendering solutions for 3D computer graphics software. From version 9, LightWorks functionality is an integrated part of ARCHICAD giving users access to the powerful, high-quality rendering of LightWorks from directly inside the standard ARCHICAD user-interface and environment.


SketchUp - conceptual design, modeling

Award-winning SketchUp - adored by its users for its ease of use in the conceptual stages of design -combined with award-winning ARCHICAD's powerful modeling and documenting capabilities forms an unbeatable design solution in the Architectural CAD world.


A-NULL - energy analysis

A-NULL is the developer of Energy Analysis application, ArchiPHYSIK. With ArchiPHYSIK linked to the ARCHICAD model, energy certificate creation is just a few mouseclicks away.

Green Building Studio

Green Building Studio, Inc. - energy analysis

Green Building Studio® is a free Web service that allows architects to create building energy performance and energy cost estimates of their ARCHICAD models at the earliest design phases. It is connected to ARCHICAD via a Plug-in that converts the ARCHICAD model to a Green Building XML format and uploads it to the GBS website directly from ARCHICAD. Use it for your next eco-charrette!


Tekla - structural analysis

Tekla and Graphisoft teamed up to provide a seamless workflow between Xsteel and ARCHICAD to support steel structure design from the conceptual design to detailing, fabrication and construction.


Intercad - structural analysis

AxisVM is a high productivity finite element analysis and design software tool for civil engineers. It's new, IFC based, ARCHICAD to AxisVM data exchange interface allows the structural engineer to quickly and accurately convert the CAD details of the ARCHICAD model.


StruSoft R&D - structural analysis

StruSoft VIPCore Calculation Engine is used by GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner to perform a dynamic energy analysis. StruSoft`s FEM-design is a popular Finite Elements Method tool for reinforced concrete and steel structure design. FEM-design has access to the 3D model data via an ARCHICAD export plug-in.


OneTools GmbH & Co. KG - cost control analysis

Work with costs and time - from a virtual building model via cost planning to the service specifications in 4 steps. BuildingOne is perfectly integrated into ARCHICAD®. Therefore you are able to display, edit and analyse all information about building models in BuildingOne for ARCHICAD®. In a simple and uncomplicated way you receive costs projections respectively action plans or service specifications.