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Seeking Employment

Application for Junior Architect/Graduate Architect/Architectural Assistant

I am advanced in Graphisoft ArchiCAD with 6 years experience in the program and advancing in the BIM process . I am a fast learner in any 3D modeling and drawing programs. I am fluent in written and spoken English. In my short practical experience i have designed and overseen construction for numerous private residential dwellings, student housing and high- end housing schemes. this can be presented on request. Thus far I have accumulated an excellent working knowledge and experience in construction administration, building development, business management, design principles and technical resolution. I have made the most of the opportunities afforded to me to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. I believe that my enthusiastic work ethic, design capabilities, acute desire to learn, and ability to relate to peers will have a significant contribution to your offices work environment. I am looking to broaden my work experience in an international firm.
Aug 8, 2017

ArchiCad Architect

Greetings fellow Architects and ArchIcad users, This architect runs his own small studio part of which is collaborating and consulting to firms over the net and in person/remotely (at your studio for example). Very experienced in a wide range of project types and size using teamwork. I'm a long- term ArchiCad user (since 1990) and enjoy lively, high- end work and authentic architecture. Very dedicated to excellent thoughtful design work. If you envision a possibility please contact.
Aug 2, 2017   StudioMDoll

Archicad architect

I am looking for Architect job in Austria, Germany, Italy, Benelux with 10 years+experience. Please email me for cv and portfolio.
Jul 28, 2017   é80

Architect Assistant

I'm looking for a job from July 2018. I finished my master degree recentely and already have more then a year of experience. Fast learning, open minded and hard working. Want to know more and to be more. Please contact me for more information.
Jul 19, 2017

Working abroad

Hello, my name is Zac Stevens and I am 23 years old from New Zealand with just under 4 years experience in archicad. I want to gain experience from outside of New Zealand. If you have any positions available please do not hesitate to email me and I can provide more information Regards, Zac Stevens
Jul 1, 2017   Self Employed

Res. Design Builder & Architectural Consultant seeks PT work (25 yrs. exp.) in Northeast US

Semi-retired Residential Design Builder. ArchiCAD user since v4.5 seeks part time work in Design/Const. Docs/Est./Const. Mgmt. wanting to work for reasonable rate as consultant w/ versatile experience and client contact. NE location.
Jun 27, 2017   MD Design Build