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Seeking Employment

Experienced Archicad Architect - Brazil

I am a trained architect with extensive experience in ArchiCAD (user since version 10) looking for opportunities to work / partnership in the region of São Paulo. I can work on-site or remotely.
Aug 17, 2016

Architectural Technician

Architectural technician, 17 years of experience on ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Sketchup. Keen knowledge of GDL & BIM. Looking for a job. English&French. CV&Portfolio on demand.
Aug 15, 2016   Rus

ArchiCad Architect

Exceptional seasoned highly experienced architect seeks opportunity for consulting to your company/firm where honesty, integrity and ethical behavior are valued. Remote or on-site (at your studio) possible. I'm a long-term user of ArchiCad (since 1990) that has experience in a wide range of projects. Excellent skills including working in/with teams and/or independently.
Aug 3, 2016

Archicad Architect

I am looking for Archiect job in Austria/Germany/Swiss with 10 years experience.( Archicad,Artlantis.+) Please ask for CV+Portfolio.
Aug 1, 2016 - drafting, modeling,rendering ( 12 eu/h )

Up to 8 Archicad drafters / technicians ( 12 eu/h ) available for : - Terrain modeling - Building modeling from sketch or survey data - Architectural detail modeling - Cooperation using Teamwork - MEP modeling - ArchiFrame modeling - Solibri model checking - Architectural rendering - Modeling from Point cloud Get a Free Quote Now- Service provided by - Watch our YouTube chanel - Providing services by Architects and for the Architects since 2007
Jul 26, 2016

Mature ArchiCAD User Seeking Opportunities

Mature ArchiCAD User Seeking Opportunities I am a mature ArchiCAD user seeking career opportunities. I have over 20 years experience working as a “CAD/BIM Technician” in the AEC world. I started my career on PCs using Autodesk products in the 90's; but I started using ArchiCAD around 2010, and since then I have switched my entire world to Apple hardware. Today, I prefer using ArchiCAD on the Mac, and I'm determined to continue making a living this way. I can't go back to Windows. I was laid off from a long-term employer (architectural firm) during downsizing a few years back… as many of us were. (I was planning to stay there for the long haul…I put in 13 years with them. Unfortunately, they are no longer an option for me.) I have been doing freelance work full-time since then, and I've done it part time for many years. I enjoy working for myself, but I also know the benefits of working for a strong & stable company. Therefore, I would be interested in exploring opportunities with the right company. I am mature and well seasoned in my career. I can do pretty much anything from design work to detailing, along with assisting with construction management. I will be an asset to any team. I live in Asheville North Carolina, a place that I truly love… but I could be interested in living in other select areas of the United States. I would consider moving for the right opportunity, or splitting my time between the places. I am not a licensed architect, but I assure you that I am very skilled & experienced in putting together all kinds of buildings... commercial and residential. I am one of the best construction detailers that you'll ever meet, although I enjoy much more than just detailing. I assure you that I am serious & legit, as I must make really these next 20 years count. I'm interested in all possibilities, whether it's with architects & designers, or construction companies, or even someone looking to start a new venture. If you're interested in knowing more please contact me through this ad, and I will be glad to provide more information. For the record, I am NOT an architect or engineer. Thanks for reading my ad.
Jul 8, 2016

architect, industrial&civil engineer, bim expert

Hi! My name is Nairi Sargsyan. I am an architect, industrial&civil engineer, structural engineer, bim expert. Experience in the design and construction of more than 10 years. Professional user Graphisoft ArchiCad. I am looking for distant, or a permanent job.
Jul 7, 2016