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Seeking Employment

ArchiCAD user with 15+ years Architecture Experience

I am a Experienced ArchiCAD user for 10+ years with 15+ years experience in the Architecture, Design and Construction industries. I have experience in Residential, Commercial and Institutional work. I am currently looking in the Rochester, Minneapolis Minnesota area.
May 16, 2017


Architect with substantial US experience, including 20ys.+ of ArchiCAD use is looking for full time in-house, telecommuting, or hybrid job. Project types ranging from hospitality/commercial/retail to residential (including high end). Previous project roles ranging from (strong) design to production/detailing, management and construction admin., on mid- to large projects. Expertise in Archicad covers from design/rendering/production to GDL (if necessary). Some international experience (China). Own 3 Archicad licenses (but only two up to date); +Artlantis, Rhino, LumenRT and C4D. Bonus - had previous exposure (sometimes substantial) to varies software packages; Autocad, Revit, Microstation, VectorWorks, SketchUp, Adobe Suite, etc. ... , but has a strong preference to stay with ArchiCad as a base tool (as much as possible).
May 9, 2017


I am a 25-year-old recent graduate with my Masters in architecture [UKZN, South Africa]. I am very interested in applying for a [ JUNIOR ARCHITECT ] post. I am an avid writer.Telling stories and writing poems is one of my passion the other being architecture.I honestly believe architecture is poetry in motion, a perspective I intend to focus on.This perspective is directly related to my love for watercolor, photography, and painting as well.In 2016 I was commissioned to do a painting as a student for KZNSA gallery for its 10-year exhibition I have an intense hunger for architecture and design in all forms as I am a fast learner.From product design, public space design .i believe there are all architectural principles at heart and I would like to explore my ability to conceptualize across all forms. I have competent communication skills (both verbally and written) with corresponding with Clients, Contractors &/or Consultants.Due to my past working experience, I have the ability to show initiative and to work proactively, both independently and as part of a team. I have extensive knowledge in ARCHICAD ,AUTOCAD , ARTLANTIS & MS OFFICE knowledge and i have a working understanding of REVIT & ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE & LUMION but i intend to improve my experience in my spare time. I speak and write fluent English and have necessary work documents for employment in Europe as I have a south African id and a valid passport.C.V AND PORTFOLIO AVAILBLE ON REQUEST
May 9, 2017

Senior Interior Designer

Senior Interior Designer proficient in ArchiCAD 20, from an award winning Interior Design Firm Rita St.Clair Associates, Baltimore, Maryland with extensive experience in distinctive Residential, Hospitality, Retirement Communities and Retail Interior Design. Practicing as a generalist Interior Designer challenges my creativity between the various design disciplines, the approach is similar, although the aspects are different. Projects ranged from new construction, renovation, adaptive re-use and historic preservation. Project Manager and Team Designer on a variety of projects with budgets ranging from $100K to $150 million. Listen to the Client, strive to create a design that reflects their goals: aesthetic, specification, budget needs and requirements that are prevalent in all design disciplines. Effective at all phases of project development from initial conception to completion. Ability to provide diverse perspectives, innovative solutions and consistently meets deadlines within budget for client satisfaction.
May 8, 2017

Update your ArchiCAD library

16 years ArchiCAD user started from 5.0 version. Will help You to update your current ArchiCAD library. Fluent in GDL scripting. Took part in creating basic ArchiCAD7.0 library according to Graphisoft order. Generally a few hundreds GDL library objects were made since 2001 and now they are in use all over the world. All the mentioned library parts were distributed by and (both sites are not alive for today). Have a good experience in creating a special GDL objects which helps to make structural load bearing calculation. Based in Ukraine. Used to have an architectural practice also in USA, Australia, Russia.
Apr 24, 2017

ArchiCAD Lover Seeking Career Opportunities

I am a mature ArchiCAD user with over 20 years experience working as a CAD/BIM Technician & Designer, along with CAD/BIM Management. I am a seasoned professional & have extensive experience with both commercial & residential projects. I am well-rounded, detail-oriented, thorough, & meticulous. Construction/Project Management capable, ready, willing, & able. Like many of us did, I started my career using other software. My ArchiCAD journey started in late 2010, with a previous long-term employer (architectural firm). Today, I can’t imagine using any other BIM software. (I’ve tried others.) I was downsized out of a long-term job a while back, & I have been fending for myself ever since, doing mostly freelance work (my own projects). Self-employment has been mostly by default, & I would like to eventually find a position in a strong & stable company. My skills & experience speak for themselves. I am not a licensed architect, but I promise you that I will be an asset to any team. I am one of the best construction detailers that you will ever meet. I was doing 3D modeling as far back as the early-mid 90’s. I live in Asheville, NC…a place that I truly love, but I will consider relocating to select locations for the right opportunity. I'm interested in all possibilities, whether it's with architects & designers, or construction companies, or even someone looking to start a new venture. If you're interested in knowing more please contact me through this ad, and I will be glad to provide more information, full resume, references, etc.
Apr 3, 2017


Hello! My name is Nairi. Have extensive experience in the design and construction of buildings and structures. I work professionally in all ArchiCAD. Looking for a job in the field of architectural design and engineering design and calculations. The website presents my authors works performed remotely for the clients from several CIS-countries and from Europe!
Apr 2, 2017

Experience CA Based Archicad Expert Available For Contract Work

Southern California based Certified Graphisoft Consultant with over 15 years Archicad experience available for contract work. Design, drafting, CD's - residential, commercial, hospitality and interiors experience. Local or remote, please email for rate and work samples.
Mar 27, 2017   Jim Hughes Design