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ARCHICAD 18 continues to support OPEN BIM workflows and introduces full BIM Collaboration Format support.


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IFC Support

ARCHICAD supports highly iterative coordination with engineers and consultants and delivers several IFC-related improvements including professional scheme-driven data management and data mapping, and high-quality (certified) export processes.
ARCHICAD supports the major international IFC 2x3 standards (Model View Definitions) required by buildingSMART and other organizations: Coordination View (1.0 and 2.0), Coordination View (Surface Geometry), Basic FM Handover View (required for COBie documentation), and Concept Design BIM 2010 (required by GSA in US, Statsbygg in Norway, and Senate Properties in Finland). Support for these standards improves a wide range of interoperability workflows with consultants and other disciplines.
Thanks to the standard requirements, ARCHICAD supports a wide range of IFC data types: IFC assignment types (for example IFC System) with multilevel (‘sub’) hierarchy, base and custom quantities, IFC Type Product entities, Door/Window Lining and Panel properties, Space Containment relation, Site context elements, etc. Of course, all IFC data management can be done on a user-friendly interface. With Publisher, IFC models with various contents can be exported with just one click to the different professions (for example, the loadbearing structure to the structural engineer, the entire model to the MEP engineer, etc.).

BIM Collaboration Format Support

BIM Collaboration Format Support

In addition to IFC, ARCHICAD supports highly iterative coordination with engineers and consultants with full BCF support. The BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is an open file format that allows the addition of textual comments and screen-shots on top of the IFC model layer for better communication between the coordinating parties. ARCHICAD integrates BCF information natively into the BIM model in the form of ARCHICAD Mark-Up entries. As a result, ARCHICAD joins major BIM applications (including model checker, structural and MEP engineering software) that support the BCF format.

ARCHICAD 18 — World Class Rendering
ARCHICAD 18 — World Class Rendering

  • Sharing Model Geometry for MEP Applications
  • Scheme-Driven Data Management
  • Data Mapping
  • Labeling IFC Data