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Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, Canada | architectsAlliance | Photo © Ben Rahn / A-Frame

ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow

ARCHICAD 18 offers a streamlined workflow solution, keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible.

ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow

GRAPHISOFT is celebrating the 30th anniversary of ARCHICAD! Please visit to view the most important milestones in ARCHICAD history, and feel free to add your own story as well!

ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow

World Class Rendering

The integration of CineRender, MAXON’s world-class CINEMA 4D rendering engine into ARCHICAD 18, brings high quality, photo-realistic rendering images closer to a much wider range of designers.

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Revision Management

ARCHICAD 18 provides new, fully integrated Revision Management workflows and streamlined PDF support to greatly improve design data exchange and change management with clients, consultants and the authorities.

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ARCHICAD 18 continues to support OPEN BIM workflows and introduces the first architectural BIM application with full BIM Collaboration Format support.

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BIMcloud® Integration

ARCHICAD 18 offers industry-first, real-time BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location or distribution of the collaborating team.

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Workflow Enhancements

ARCHICAD 18 unveils substantial enhancements to its existing workflows proving that listening to customers is of primary importance when assigning development resources at GRAPHISOFT.

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Please watch the recording of the ARCHICAD 18 — Join the Creative Flow! and the
ARCHICAD 18 meets Cinema 4D live online seminar events.

ARCHICAD 18 — In the Press


by Lachmi Khemlani founder and editor of AECbytes,

Graphisoft typically comes out with a new release of its popular BIM application, ARCHICAD, every summer, and following this schedule, it launched ARCHICAD 18 earlier this month. This happens to also be the 30th anniversary of the application, making it extra special not only to Graphisoft but also to the entire ARCHICAD community of users, developers, resellers, and consultants world-wide.

Graphisoft Renders ARCHICAD 18

by upFront.eZine

For the 18th release of ARCHICAD, Graphisoft is emphasizing a new rendering engine in the 30-year-old CAD system. "Which means that BIM is turning 30 as well," added Graphisoft vp of marketing Akos Pfemeter.

"With ARCHICAD 18, GRAPHISOFT has delivered what every architect needs: a revision tool that does all the boring work for us, and a rendering engine that lets us produce fantastic images straight of the box. It is hard not to be impressed." Michael Herse, Architect, Wilson Architects

"The need to create automated and user-friendly workflows is key to successful data creation and exchange. The new IFC Scheme mapping enhancements mean that we can now increase automation, providing more reliable data for both IFC and COBie exchange. This, coupled with BCF integration, means that ARCHICAD 18 really will improve our ability to deliver collaborative Open BIM as standard on all our projects." Robert Jackson, Associate Director, Bond Bryan Architects

"Everything about this release is amazing. Every iteration of ARCHICAD pays for itself in time saved, but this release, linked to the fantastic ground-breaking BIMcloud server, is truly awesome and inspiring." Erika Epstein, Architect

"GRAPHISOFT have once again delivered a great release with ARCHICAD 18. The integration of CineRender, MAXON's CINEMA 4D rendering engine, gives us the ability to create photo-realistic renders straight from ARCHICAD. The Revision Tool is well-designed and enables scalability from small practices to large. The main features for Fulton Trotter Architects are the OPEN BIM enhancements and features with IFC mapping, BCF capabilities and IFC parameter labelling. The additional parameters in Building Materials enhance our current workflows and build on the features of the previous release." Nathan Hildebrandt, Associate | BIM Manager, Fulton Trotter Architects, Australia

"The integration of CineRender is almost perfect. It integrates with ARCHICAD's Building Materials, updating them as needed and renders in the background while you keep working on your design with no apparent slow down in your system. As a user of Cinema 4D to render my projects during predesign, this substitutes the steps of exporting the ARCHICAD model, updating textures, lights and camera position with predefined setups within ARCHICAD that can be saved individually as views of your project. For my students, it means one less program interface to learn." Eduardo Rolón AIA, principal at eduardo rolón arquitectos, Puerto Rico

"The Revision Tool helps in documenting the project history without having to resort to Excel tables and Word files while being as general or specific as you need. It takes the stress out of keeping the revision history up to date." Eduardo Rolón AIA, principal at eduardo rolón arquitectos, Puerto Rico

"The addition of MAXON's CineRender to ARCHICAD 18 means that ARCHICAD now has all the major features of a world-class rendering engine, including 3D grass. ARCHICAD 18 is a must-have tool for architects interested in taking their renderings to a much higher level." Sandor Duzs, senior architect, DesignInc, Sydney, Australia

"For us, ARCHICAD 18 is proof that GRAPHISOFT listens to its users. It fixes a lot of our problems, sometimes, with a great new feature, like the Revision Tool." Tony Krepler, architect, fjmt | francis-jones morehen thorp, Sydney, Australia