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Bradford College, UK | Bond Bryan Architects |

ARCHICAD 19 — By Architects for Architects

From the outset, ARCHICAD has been developed from the ground up by architects for architects to address the architect’s desire for great design without compromising on practical needs.

ARCHICAD 19 — Intuitive workflow enhancements

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Please watch the recording of the ARCHICAD 19 — Faster Than Ever live online seminar.

Point-Cloud Support

ARCHICAD 19 reads point-clouds, providing faster, error-free building surveys by using the latest 3D scanner laser-survey technology.

Refurbishment projects typically start with a time-consuming building-survey phase that may involve manual measurements and the creation of a digital building model. But now 3D scanners – representing the latest technology innovations – can generate “point-clouds” containing all the necessary geometry information of an interior, including its volutes and ornaments.

ARCHICAD 19 can read the most commonly used point-cloud file formats and create the corresponding 3D geometry instantly. So you can align your design with automatically-generated, 100% accurate point-cloud 3D geometry information.

Point-Cloud Support

This surveying workflow dramatically reduces the time spent on surveying. And it eliminates errors due to manual data input. Some typical real-life examples of how users put 3D laser survey and point- clouds to work:

  • Modeling existing buildings before renovation.
  • Modeling the surroundings prior to creating a new building.
  • Modeling the “as-built” structure to detect deviations from plan.
  • Introduction to Point Clouds
  • Importing Point Cloud data
  • Setting mapping for XYZ and RGB values of Point Clouds
  • Point Cloud XYZ and RGB Value Mapping Examples
  • Generating the Point Cloud GDL Object
  • Files Generated During Point Cloud Import
  • Placing the Point Cloud Object
  • Scaling the Point Cloud object
  • Floor Plan Display Range for the Point Cloud Object
  • Point Cloud Objects in 2D Viewpoints
  • Point Cloud Objects in the 3D Viewpoint
  • Objects in Sections/Elevation and 3D Document Viewpoints
  • Point Cloud Objects on Layouts
  • Moving Point Cloud Objects by Origin
  • Importing Multiple Point Clouds
  • Importing Point Clouds in Teamwork Projects

Intuitive surface editing – Interactive 3D Surface Painter

ARCHICAD 19 enables intuitive, drag-and-drop editing of the building model surfaces in 3D -providing instant visual feedback.

Creative design is instantaneous and may also be truly impressive during client presentations. Intuitive drag-and-drop building model surface editing in 3D provides instant visual feedback. ARCHICAD’s new Surface Painter lets designers change model surfaces in the 3D window with a single click, using a floating palette.

Interactive 3D Surface Painter
  • Introducing the new Surface Painter Tool
  • Using the Surface Painter Palette
  • Working with Surface Painter Tool

GDL Library Improvements

  • Enhanced Graphical Interface of Door Window Settings
  • Updated Tab Page Selector
  • More Compact Door Window Dialog Box
  • New Bathroom Library Part
  • New Playground Library Part
  • Enhanced Graphical Interface of Gutter Object
  • Enhanced Graphical Interface of Downspout Objects
  • New Mitred Gutter Library Part
  • New Three‐Sash and Six‐Sash Sliding Windows
  • Updated Flat Panel TV
  • New and Improved Label Types
  • Enhanced Graphical Interface of Object Settings
  • Story Sensitive Controls for Wooden Trusses
  • Expanded Parameters for Door Leafs, Sidelights
  • Enhanced On-Site Renewable System Objects
  • Reduce Expoesed Area Settings

Other User Interface Enhancemenets

  • Building Material Control for Imported Steel Profiles
  • Work Environment Enhancements
  • Updated and Simplified 3D Window Settings
  • Profile Manager Enhancements
  • Changes in Tool Settings Panels
  • Find & Select Surface Criteria