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New Features of ARCHICAD 17 — Latest advancements in BIM software

ARCHICAD 17 — BIM Lives in the Details

ARCHICAD 17 contains significant enhancements and additions that simplify the modeling and documentation of buildings even when the model contains an unprecedented level of detail. ARCHICAD’s end-to-end BIM workflow allows the model to stay live till the very end of the project.

ARCHICAD 17 — BIM Lives in the Details

Priority Based Connections
— Structurally Correct Details out of the Box

Priority Based Connections, together with Intelligent Building Materials, automatically provide structurally correct sections and details.


Industry-first Background Processing
— Large/Complex Models to Stay Responsive

To further enhance productivity, ARCHICAD 17 takes the next revolutionary step in multi-core processing to support the creation and manipulation of large complex models with industry-first Background Processing Support for faster generation of complex model details.


Extended IFC Model View Definitions
— OPEN BIM to Support National Standards

ARCHICAD 17 supports Coordination View 2.0 and expands capabilities for defining new data required by the Concept Design BIM 2010 (GSA (US), Statsbygg (Norway), Senate Properties (Finland)), the Basic FM Handover (COBie documentation) and other IFC standards. This includes IFC System and IFC Time Series Schedule assignments, assignments with multilevel (‘sub’) hierarchy, special base quantities, editable IFC Type Product entities, Site context elements etc.


BIMobject® Partnership
— Open Interface to External BIM Component Providers

Direct access to an extensive collection of Manufacturer Content on offers users a comprehensive range of intelligent BIM components available both in ARCHICAD 17 and on


Workflow Improvements
— Integrated Design, Visualization and Analysis Workflow

Improved MORPH Tool and Real-time 3D Cutting Planes give extra control of ARCHICAD’s 3D modeling environment. Inclusion of fully functional BIMx in every installation enables users to share BIM projects with their clients in the form of interactive BIM project environments; further improved Energy Evaluation supporting multiple thermal zones allows users to evaluate their designs with standard compliant technology.


ARCHICAD 17 — In the Press

Commentary: Why the new Mac Pro will rock for ARCHICAD but not for Revit

by Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP | Architosh

“Multiprocessing support is critical for the BIM database heavy processing, which involves model generation,” says Pfemeter. “And the 12 cores of the Mac Pro will also be utilized for ARCHICAD’s brand new background processing support for both data caching and populating model changes across the BIM.”

Graphisoft has updated its flagship BIM modelling tool, ARCHICAD, with a host of ‘themed’ new features and enhancements. BIM lives in the details.

by AECMagazine

"Every Building Information Modelling (BIM) vendor claims to be ‘BIM’, but they usually come from a 2D document-centric world and offer a far less integrated solution than the latest ARCHICAD offering. Many AEC authoring tools and users break the BIM model by dropping back to 2D CAD at the end of the design phase and start of the detail design phase, according to Akos Pfemeter, vice-president in charge of product direction at Graphisoft, ARCHICAD’s owner."

ARCHICAD 17 Goes Deep With Intelligent Building Materials

by CAD Insider

"ARCHICAD has been in the forefront of architecture software for some time. It is reputed to have practically coined BIM. It was doing 3D before Revit, the current market leader, was born.1 So I expected to see some gee-whiz, eye-popping glamorous new features in ARCHICAD 17, which had been released just days before the biggest event for architects in the world, the AIA convention."

Product In-Depth: Looking at Graphisoft ARCHICAD 17

by Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP

"Every spring it is fun to look forward to our early introductions to the newest version of Graphisoft ARCHICAD. This year was no different. On the call was Eniko Pauko, Business Development Manager, Graphisoft and Tibor Szolnoki, also Business Development Manager, Graphisoft. Together they walked me through the chief features in version 17."

For Graphisoft, ARCHICAD 17 is all about details

Ralph Grabowski reviews ARCHICAD 17

"And now ARCHICAD 17 focuses on model-based details, because most architectural practices break the link between the model and the documentation at the construction phase and create details as 2D drawings. In release 17, however, ARCHICAD automatically generates correct junctions more than 90% of the time."


AECbytes Product Review

"Mies van der Rohe, who is considered the pioneer of modern architecture, famously exhorted that “God is in the details.” Graphisoft has cleverly turned this into the tagline, “BIM is in the details,” for ARCHICAD 17. Let’s take a closer look at how this has been actually tackled in ARCHICAD 17, along with other features in the new release including background processing, real-time 3D cutaways, and intelligent stories."

"The Automatic Model-based Junctions are an awesome addition to ARCHICAD 17. I love that they will improve quantity take-offs AND make my drawings—especially sections and 3D Documents—much more beautiful." Jared Banks, AIA, Shoegnome, LLC

"The New Features of ARCHICAD 17 will dramatically improve our productivity and documentation co-ordination processes. The standout features are the introduction of Building Materials, Junction and editable 3D Cutting Planes, these features reduce the effort required to obtain clean, accurate drawing output. From this release I can see that Graphisoft Development are working towards the same goal of producing documentation without the need for any 2D intervention." Nathan Hildebrandt, Associate, Fulton Trotter Architects, Australia

"In ARCHICAD 17 we can Copy 3D elements in Section and Elevation! We can now use the multiply function in the pet palette to layout rafter tails and other repetitive 3D elements right in a section or elevation." Jared Banks, AIA, Shoegnome, LLC

"The difference that this release will make to our workflow is similar to Teamwork 2 in ARCHICAD 13" Nathan Hildebrandt, Associate, Fulton Trotter Architects, Australia