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Manufacturer and Distributor: Cigraph S.r.l.

How often have you asked yourself how much time you or your colleague shave spent in front of the computer designing a particular project?
This type of information is of great value for determining the time - and, hence, the costs - required to develop a project and for evaluating how the ARCHICAD program is used and what influence this has on the total costs of work performed. Such figures can be used for statistical and informational purposes as well as for assessing the costs of inputting data into the computer, which is one of the primary factors in determining your prices.
ArchiTime, which is launched automatically each time you work on a project, keeps track of the operations carried out based on element type and function performed. It also tracks the time spent in each work session, broken down by work sheet window and work day. When the project is completed, ArchiTime provides a detailed summary report of the data collected (including explanatory graphs) that can either be printed or saved in text format for further processing in spreadsheets or by dedicated programs.
No effort is required on the user's part; ArchiTime goes unnoticed, working discreetly in the background and requiring no interaction unless you request information.

System requirements:
Cigraph Plug-ins run on both MAC and Windows (32 & 64 bit).
Software and hardware requirements correspond to those of the used ARCHICAD version.

ARCHICAD compatibility:
From ARCHICAD 10 to the latest ARCHICAD version.

Cigraph S.r.l.
Via Orsato, 38 Marghera 30175 VE, Italy
Phone: +39 41 932 388

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