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IFC Add-On Hotfixes for ARCHICAD 14

The IFC 2x3 Add-On and its hotfixes are shipped with the ARCHICAD packages by default. This site contains only Hotfix Previews. The purpose of the IFC Hotfix Previews is to provide our customers with fixes of IFC bugs sooner, as compared to regular ARCHICAD hotfixes. Hotfix Previews can be installed with ARCHICAD 14 of any build number and language version.

- If you are installing a hotfix that has a lower build number than that of your currently installed Add-On, the installer warns you, but it lets you downgrade your IFC Add-On if you choose.
- Although the IFC 2x3 Add-On supports the import of the IFC Versions 2x and 2x2 formats too, if you would like to export models into IFC 2x2 format, you need to use the IFC 2x2 Goodie Add-On available from the Help menu (ARCHICAD Downloads) of the installed ARCHICAD program.

Build Release Date Release Notes Downloads by Platforms
3427 Sept. 21, 2010
3834 March 8, 2011