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SketchUp for ARCHICAD

The integration of SketchUp® with ARCHICAD lets architects and Principals alike, focus on creativity at the earliest concept phase of any new project knowing that their designs can be automatically imported into ARCHICAD®. This tool allows users to automatically re-use as much of the Sketch­­Up model data in ARCHICAD as possible, without the need to manually rework it.

This SketchUp add-on means, in day-to-day design terms, a smoother workflow from a building's very conception through to a 3D model. Now even these earliest sketch concepts, formed in SketchUp, can be incorporated into the intelligent Virtual Building environment, where detail can then be easily added and data interoperability can open the model to a range of other applications. Now feasibility studies of volume and materials can be performed at the sketch phase, linking the building data to the SketchUp faces in ARCHICAD to support the design brief at this critical stage of client cooperation.

You can win the project with your clear SketchUp concept design, but now in ARCHICAD you can prove your design is viable. Existing SketchUp users who also use ARCHICAD should download their free add-on here.

Bence Kovacs, VP of Product Management: "We recognize the worldwide popularity of SketchUp and its remarkably designer-friendly interface, and can now offer the best of both worlds with our ARCHICAD solution."

Through its add-on, this mature and globally popular solution ensures a seamless data transfer from concept surfaces and colors into intelligent architectural objects and materials. In ARCHICAD the user will find walls, slabs and other intelligent elements, just the way they had been created in SketchUp from the outset.

Key benefits of SketchUp for ARCHICAD

So what does this mean for you?

"Sketch Up has, I have to say, changed my life. Sounds dramatic but true. I have rediscovered my profession because I can design so quickly," says Andrew Lemon, WS Atkins - Abu Dhabi.

Now those savings from SketchUp can be built on through the design's transition directly into the Virtual Building.

Or as Brad Schell, the founder of @Last Software, so aptly puts it: "SketchUp 5 makes it insanely easy to put your ideas into 3D." Now we've made the next step insanely simple, taking these 3D sketches into a fully workable Virtual Building with the click of a mouse so they can really take off!