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Release Notes

ARCHICAD 13 Hotfix -Build 3826

Table of Contents

for BIM Server and ARCHICAD

This hotfix is required for an ARCHICAD 13 BIM Server to coexist on the same machine as a multi modular ARCHICAD 14 BIM Server. If you have a BIM Server carefully read the installation recommendations in the following section.

This Hotfix also includes important fixes for bugs discovered since the original release of ARCHICAD 13 (Build 3000) and BIM Server. 

This Hotfix can be applied to any builds of ARCHICAD 13 and BIM Server (Build 3000 and above). It applies to all (Commercial, Educational and Trial) license types.

BIM Server installation recommendations and list of related changes:

Installation recommendations:

If you are hotfixing a BIM Server, we highly recommend creating a complete backup of the current setup due to the underlying complexities of this particular hotfix to the BIM Server. In this hotfix the folder hierarchy will be changed and this could be interrupted by external programs like virus checkers or indexers and could irrevocably ruin an operating teamwork setup. For this reason it would be prudent to create a copy of the setup and if the Project and Library folder (named: Attachments) are located in non-default places, a copy of those too.
  1. Stop Server
  2. Copy Graphisoft/Bim Server and all folders beneath this to a safe place
  3. Copy the Projects folder to a safe place – unless it was already copied in step 2
  4. Copy the Attachments folder (libraries) to a save place – unless it was already copied in step 2
  5. Restart Server
  6. Start Hotfix

Migration tool (new menu item):

As part of a two step process ARCHICAD 13 teamwork projects can be migrated to ARCHICAD 14. With the application of this Hotfix the Teamwork > Project > Prepare for Migration menu item will display. It will become active when the client connects with an ARCHICAD 14 multi modular BIM Server.

BIM Server Directory Hierarchy Changes

If hotfix build 3600 hasn’t been previously applied to the ARCHICAD BIM server 13 then this hotfix will rearrange the directory tree of the BIM Server starting from Graphisoft/BIM Server. This could affect any backup scripts that are dependent on a given file hierarchy. For instance, if the default BIM Server Project Database folder and library folder (Attachments) settings were taken when ARCHICAD 13 was first installed, those folders will be found in a new location. The new locations will be:
Graphisoft/BIM Server/Attachments
Graphisoft/BIM Server/Projects
Please check that your local backup scheme is not confused by the directory changes that will be made.
If the default project database folder and library (attachments) location settings were not taken during the installation of ARCHICAD 13 then the location you specified will be preserved during the application of this Hotfix.
Here is how the new BIM Server hierarchy will look:

BIM Service Names Change

After applying this hotfix you need to change service names you might have used in backup scripts:

TeamworkServerManager with TeamworkServerManager-v13.0
TeamworkMessagingServer with TeamworkMessagingServer-v13.0
TeamworkServerMonitorService with TeamworkServerMonitorService-v13.0

Server Name

The server name is defined in the preferences panel of the Bim Server. If the computer's name is used as the server name then the Custom name will instead of being blank become filled in with the computer's name.

About the installer:

the Hotfix process will automatically search your computer for instances of three applications (in this order):

  1. ARCHICAD 13 (including MEP Modeler, EcoDesigner, and all Graphisoft add-ons)
  2. GRAPHISOFT BIM Server (including the BIM Server Manager, automatically installed along with the BIM Server)
  3. Standalone BIM Server Manager (This refers to the standalone BIM Server Manager, a separate application for remote-controlling a BIM Server from a computer where BIM Server is not installed. This application can be optionally installed from the ARCHICAD 13 DVD.)

If ARCHICAD 13 and/or the standalone BIM Server Manager are found to be installed on your machine, you can choose to either update it or not.

If the BIM Server is found to be installed on your machine, it will be automatically updated if it is not up-to-date.

If ARCHICAD 13 is already up-to-date, but one of the ARCHICAD components (e.g. MEP Modeler or EcoDesigner) is not, the installer will indicate this and you can choose to update it.

Important Note for Teamwork users:

Working in Teamwork requires that client ARCHICADs, the BIM Server Manager and the BIM Server all have the identical version number (or “build number”).

If you are running a client ARCHICAD whose version number is different than that of the BIM Server, you cannot continue working in Teamwork until the same hotfix is installed for the BIM Server. (The same is true for all the other client ARCHICADs working from the same BIM Server.)

Therefore, if you decide to update either a client ARCHICAD or a BIM Server, be aware that you must update all clients and the BIM Server so that they share the identical version number.

For offices working in Teamwork, the hotfix process should be centrally managed by the CAD manager or other designated manager, to ensure that all components are updated in sync and that no Teamwork user is left with a program version having a different version number.

Note for Artlantis-3 users on Mac:

If you are upgrading from build 3000/3013, and you have manually installed the Artlantis 3 Add-On, then please remove it before installing this Hotfix - as this Hotfix will install the newest version of the Add-On.The file you need to remove is: 'Artlantis Render Studio 3 Out.apx in /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 13/Add-Ons/Import-Export folder, which is redundant.'

If you are upgrading from Hotfix#2 (3235), Hotfix#4 (3259) or Hotfix#6 (3600), then you do not have to do this.

Installation steps:

  1. Make sure you have administrator rights on the computer. Make sure none of the ARCHICAD components are modified (e.g. renamed). If you are updating a BIM Server, also make sure that you are logged in as the user who installed it originally.
  2. When you run the hotfix package, the process will automatically search your computer for instances of the three applications listed above. For each of these applications found on your machine, you will be informed of its hotfix status (either “is up to date” or “can be updated”). 

For ARCHICAD or Standalone BIM Server Manager: 

The update of GRAPHISOFT BIM Server works a bit differently: 

  1. Just before the hotfix is launched, the Summary Panel displays information on which programs, in which locations, will be updated.
  2. If the program to be updated (ARCHICAD 13 or BIM Server Manager) is running on your machine, you are prompted to leave the hotfix wizard and close the program before continuing. In contrast, during the BIM Server update, the process will automatically stop your BIM Server. Once the hotfix is complete, the BIM Server will again be started up. During this interval, users working on a Teamwork project housed on that BIM Server will be offline and cannot access the server; they cannot send and receive changes, until the BIM Server starts up again and the clients are once again online. If you want the BIM Server to start automatically with the operating system, check again the "Start BIM Server with Operating System" checkbox in the BIM Server Preferences dialog.

List of bugs fixed in this Hotfix*:

*Compared to ARCHICAD 13 Hotfix#6 - Build 3600. If you are upgrading from a build earlier than 3600, please make sure to read the relevant release notes as well!

Bugs fixed in optional Graphisoft Add-Ons:

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