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Release Notes for ARCHICAD 17 Hotfix 9 Build 8004  

This MAC only Hotfix 9 solves the bugs related to changes to the SMB protocol in OSX10.10: 'Hotlinks turn missing and can not be relinked in Teamwork' and 'Publishing or Saving PDF in AC 17 to SMB mounted server results in 0 KB PDF file'. This Hotfix can be used only for AC17's that are already hotfixed with ArchiCAD 17 Hotfix 8 (build 8000).
In Teamwork ARCHICAD 17 updated to this hotfix will be compatible with ArchiCAD 17 Update 8 build 8000.


Tested for: ARCHICAD 17 INT
Last modified: Oct 13, 2015

About the installer

The Hotfix process will automatically search your computer for PDF.fw, InputOutput.fw files and replace them. It will not change the buildnumber value of your ArchiCAD package.

List of Improvements in this Update

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