About "Profiler" Add-On


The Profiler Add-On allows you to create Object type Library Parts by extruding a profile along a straight or curved path.


Start this installer and follow the instructions. The add-on will be automatically loaded the next time you start ArchiCAD.

The new "Profiler"command will appear in the "Design/Design Extras" submenu by default.

HOW TO USE "Profiler" ADD-ON

To create an object:

  1. In the Floor Plan window, draw the profile that you wish to extrude using any of ArchiCAD's construction and drawing tools. To create a complex extrusion, group several elements together.

  2. Select the profile and choose the Profiler command from the Design/ Design Extras menu.

  3. In the Profiler Settings dialog box that appears, choose the appropriate options:

  4. If you chose Click on Plan to enter, you will now need to click somewhere on the Floor Plan to indicate the Anchor Point.

  5. Define the Path the same way you would draw a Curved wall or a Polywall.

  6. Save the object.

To create an object with a pre-drawn path or axis:

  1. Draw both the profile and the Path/Axis, and select them as two separate groups.

  2. Choose the Profiler command in the Design/ Design Extras menu. The Profiler Settings dialog box appears (see above).

  3. Save the object.


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