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GRAPHISOFT Sponsors Revit Technology Conference

GRAPHISOFT Sponsors Revit Technology Conference

Yes, you read it right. Just like last year, GRAPHISOFT was a Gold Sponsor of the “Revit Technology Conference Europe 2014” (RTC 2014 Europe) recently held in Dublin.

So, how did we get there? The annual event’s goal is to educate and encourage the networking of BIM users worldwide. As the RTC website states: “It is dedicated to the use of BIM tools, processes and workflows and other associated software in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.” That is why OPEN BIM, IFC and BCF were showcased by GRAPHISOFT as a top-quality, integrated solution for collaboration between ARCHICAD and Revit.

30 Years of BIM

Ákos Pfemeter, Vice President of GRAPHISOFT Marketing, presented the main concepts, goals and benefits of the OPEN BIM movement on the main stage. Here is a video that explains the main idea:

OPEN BIM Concept

On the last day of the conference, we had the opportunity to host another workshop entitled “OPEN BIM in Action: Interoperability without bullshit.” The two presenters were Robert Jackson, Associate Director at Bond Bryan Architects (UK), and Ákos Rechtorisz, the Interoperability Product Manager and OPEN BIM Program Manager at GRAPHISOFT HQ.

In their session, they explored the current status and the features of OPEN BIM-based interoperability between different disciplines/design applications in practice. The presentation summarized the requirements, the currently available standards and the possibilities of 3D model-based communication.


Last but not at least, a live demo showed the model creation and BIM data sharing between GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD and Revit by using IFC and BCF enabling improved BIM data exchange between their users.

At the end of the conference, our team was recognized with the “Best Presenter” T-shirt prize!

We were very happy to participate in such an outstanding event and to share the importance of OPEN BIM. We hope to attend next year, too.

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