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Fourth Annual ARCHICAD University to be held September 13-15, 2001

Details provided by event organizer, David Nicholson-Cole

ARCHICAD University 2001 is a residential summer school for ARCHICAD users, combining learning and pleasure. This is the 4th year of ARCHICAD University, and it has grown by 50% in attendance in successive years, attracting ever increasing numbers of overseas participants. ARCHICAD University brings together Graphisoft, architects, interior designers, builders, dealers, consultants and students for what is now the largest annual festival of ARCHICAD on the planet, a memorable occasion, socially, educationally and professionally.

In the past, ARCHICAD University has consisted of three channels of workshops presented by experts in the field. This year, we have got some big name speakers, so we have decided to make all the sessions plenary, meaning that everybody hears everything, instead of suffering the agony of deciding which workshop to attend. There are long refreshment breaks allowing people time to interact, there is an 'encounter' session allowing you to get your opinions across, and there is the usual party on the Friday night.

Newcomers to ARCHICAD will have their eyes opened to techniques that they may not have dared to tackle alone. Intermediates will have their skills polished and experts will be able to meet other experts and enhance their skills and commitment; and super experts have the opportunity to present power solutions to fellow delegates.

ARCHICAD University includes a reception and dinner on the Friday night, with entertainment during the evening; also, delegates will have access to the swimming pool and sports facilities of the University, including a green and pleasant campus for joggers. Delegates can also meet representatives from Graphisoft, GDL Technology, CYMAP, and other vendors. The GDL Cookbook will be available at reduced price during the conference, along with other goodies from Graphisoft and related vendors.

ARCHICAD University is held on the beautiful campus of the University of Nottingham. By arranging it on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you get three days of action but only lose two days from the office, and you still have one day left of your weekend before you are back at work. For travellers from afar, advice will be available on email for travel arrangements in the UK. Delegates are encouraged to bring spouses who can enjoy the touristic pleasures of Nottinghamshire and the city of Nottingham.

Special accommodation and food rates are available, including for saturday night stayover. There is also a party on Saturday night for stayovers, so that overseas delegates can travel home on Sunday.

Attendance at ARCHICAD University is a worthwhile investment in your career development (each delegate gets a certificate of attendance). ARCHICAD 7.0 has just been launched, so this is an opportunity to get fully informed.

September 13-15, 2001
Full details are on the officialwebsite.


Registration and Lunch, 12:00-14:00

Welcome and Introduction, 14:00-14:15

ARCHICAD Encounter, 14:15-16:00

In 4 groups of 25, introducing each other and spending 3-5 mins each saying the sort of work one is doing with ARCHICAD and the principal problems, hopes, intentions etc. Each chaired by an ACUE tutor/convenor. This includes a 'summing up' session afterwards by the convenors.

Case Studies, 16:30-18:00
Individual Case Studies, presentations by ARCHICAD users. This was a most popular venture last year and shows the use of ARCHICAD in practice and education. Shorter presentations are shown during the 'tips and tricks' session.


Graphisoft Evening, 19:30-21:00
Including the improvements to ARCHICAD 7, project publishing, new design tools, align-to-view, truss and roof making and much more. Cymap, Cigraph Archi-things, Add-ons and as much as they can show us.


Welcome and Introduction, 09:00-09:15

Duane Valencia, 09:15-12:45

The Virtual Building: The full professional and constructional productivity approach to using ARCHICAD. From concept to construction drawings. Duane, of Visual Frontiers, is one of the luminaries of the ARCHICAD Talk and an experienced teacher of ARCHICAD. Duane regularly teaches in California on 'Dynamite construction drawings', 'Cool client presentation', 'The Calculate Menu', and has produced some great GDL products.


GDL Technology - converting the building components industry to accept the virtual building approach with parametric component libraries, 14:15-15:45

Stefan Larsson, vice president of GDL Technology has a very convincing presentation about where GDL is going to in the future. In his previous existence with LaserCAD he has made Sweden a leading country in GDL use by component manufacturers. GDL Technology's philosophy and achievements recently received rave reviews in Britain's Architects Journal and the manufacturers will not want to miss this bandwagon! Supported by Sanjay Patel, technical director of GDL Technology.

You too can do GDL, 16:15-18:00
David NC and Laurent Godel offer a range across the ideas of practical GDL including the philosophy, very basic starting techniques, object making with minimal GDL knowledge, professional standards, some striking examples of GDL objects. David NC [called GDL-Jedi by Laurent Godel] is the author of the GDL Cookbook, GS' central Productivity Tool in GDL education. Founding member of the GDL Alliance, he travels abroad during university vacations teaching GDL, and teaches the only [known] formally taught university course in GDL, to architectural students. Laurent Godel, known as the 'GDL-Guru', does profoundly complex things with GDL that make even David NC's head spin, is a foremost contributor to GDL-Talk and active GDL teacher in the Hispanic world.


More Illustration Tricks, Techniques and Problem Fixes In ARCHICAD Than You Could Ever Imagine, 09:00-12:45
Presented by Dwight Atkinson of the Atkinson Iconography Studio: Dwight's broad-ranging presentation covers the whole area of 3D Rendering, Lighting, using Photoshop with ARCHICAD, and that full presentation thing.

This session is based around his new book, "Illustration in ARCHICAD" commissioned by Graphisoft as an introduction and support manual for creating exciting images in the ARCHICAD environment.

Dwight knows how to fix problem artwork. He can help you plan and execute excellent imagery in ARCHICAD without resorting to expensive rendering packages and will share many ideas on using ARCHICAD as a presentation layout package.

Wear a hat to this session because your head could explode and we'd like to see the mess kept down. Also, bring your presentation and communication questions to this session.

Dwight made a big impact at ACUE 2000 and is well known to the citizens of ARCHICAD Talk. After ACUE 2000, he was invited to write a book on far-out presentation by GS. This has given him a lot of new material for a half day tutorial. Although an architect, he is also a public artist/sculptor and a comedian and broadcaster... and if that isnt enough he also claims to be handy with a screwdriver - no kidding!


Tips and Tricks Session, 14:15-16:00
Including a whole variety of short presentations. This session was enjoyed last year and gave a wide range of delegates and tutors a chance to show off tips and tricks and products.


Attendance Cost: add 10% to all above figures if booked after 1st September.
Locals not requiring sleeping accommodation deduct 60 pounds GBP from the appropriate price.
Add to all, VAT for EU residents, no VAT for US, Aus and non EU.

The fee is ALL-IN - All Accommodation, Food, Participation in Workshop/Presentations, Evening entertainment, Course documents. You only pay for drinks and travel.

Do you qualify for a discount on the normal price?

If you combine TWO or three of these reasons, then deduct another 30pounds GBP. Must be booked before 1st September to qualify.