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The Most Surreal Project Designed in ARCHICAD

MOSCOW, June 6, 2011 – The recent "ArchiSUR" competition was held among the architect and designer members of the Russian social network, Vkontakte. Supported by GRAPHISOFT Russia, the objective of the “Architectural design in ARCHICAD” contest was to implement fresh visions in architecture and design using ARCHICAD.

The contestants were not limited to traditional notions of reality and were free to implement the most fantastic architectural design ideas, inspired by the works of surrealistic masterpieces.

The contest generated more than 100 projects by architects and designers from across Russia, Belorussia, and Ukraine. The participants competed in three categories: SUR interior, SUR exterior, and SUR idea. Voters identified three of the winning projects in each of the categories; six projects were awarded incentive prizes.

The winner in the SUR exterior category, Arthur Kupreychuk (Kiev, Ukraine), said of his project, The Draft Parking Lot with the Car Service Station, “The second title of the project is ‘The Allegory of Soaring Architecture.’ The project was conceived as the embodiment of the boundless creative thought of an architect, who often must try to restrict it and leave it unfulfilled. Working on my project, I was influenced by the Polish surrealist painter, Zdzislaw Beksiński`s works."



One of the conditions of the competition was to use ARCHICAD – in collaboration with other software - while working on the projects. "I am very impressed by the versatility and flexibility the participants demonstrating when using ARCHICAD to create their projects. Such creative approaches to design may not always bear fruit today, but there is always a chance of becoming successful in the future," said Dmitry Sivak, an architect, member of the jury, and winner of the Fall 2009 ArchitectsJURY competition.

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