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Domus USA Chooses ARCHICAD for Web Offering

ARCHICAD Virtual Building Adopted as Platform for Domus Virtual Model

San Francisco, CA - (November 3, 2000) - Graphisoft, developers of ARCHICAD® and the Virtual Building™ concept of 3D architectural design, announced today that ARCHICAD has been adopted as the platform of choice by Domus USA, an application service provider (ASP) for the home building industry, for delivery of its' new Web-enabled Domus Virtual Model.

Designed to increase efficiency on all levels of the homebuilding process and marketed to architects, material suppliers, and homebuilders, the Domus Virtual Model employs ARCHICAD's Virtual Building concept in the Web delivery of a robust database solution.

The Domus Virtual Model integrates the architectural design and a rich Web environment to provide customers with immediate access to all of the information they need to make a purchase decision. Home buyers can visit their own private website to visualize designs in 2D and 3D and virtual reality, obtain real-time pricing and mortgage financing, select products and finishes, authorize changes and payments, and collaborate with a designer, contractor, and others, in creating or managing their own project.

Domus offers architectural professionals a variety of features that will enable them to reach and market to wider audiences across the board, to offer a more comprehensive service package, to ensure the individual authorship of their designs, and finally to match their clients expectations to reality.

"Domus harnesses the power of the Web to help designers and developers communicate with their customers," observes Graphisoft US President Tamás Hajas. "By linking a cadre of powerful source tools - ARCHICAD, WinEstimator® and Docutouch® - they have significantly improved the efficiency of working with clients globally and at the same time, further automated and shortened the sales cycle for customized homes."

About Domus-USA

Founded in 1999, Domus has developed a web-enabled technology platform for the home building industry. This integrated solution features the Domus Virtual Model as an integrated database that includes: the virtual building, 2D and 3D imaging, construction documents, and other information gathered during the life cycle of the home from design to construction and beyond. Domus, with its technology and its strategic partnerships is well positioned to become a significant provider of a comprehensive set of tools to homebuilding professionals and architects, and to pioneer a new approach to the homebuilding process.

Domus strategic partners include: Docutouch, providing digital signature archiving and contract management over the internet, Graphisoft providing ARCHICAD, an architectural CAD solution, and WinEstimator providing construction estimating solutions More information about Domus-USA is available at