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ARCHICAD 13 Spanish Version Released

Budapest, October 21, 2009 – GRAPHISOFT announced today that the next local version of ARCHICAD® 13, the Spanish version is released.

The Spanish version is the 15th in the release schedule after the already released International, German, US, Australian, New Zealand, French, Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Japanese versions of ARCHICAD 13. For more information, please visit Other localized versions will be released during the fall.

November 5th will be marked as date to remember. More than 10 cities from both Spain and Latin America will be sharing a project through the internet. Both clients and invited guests will have first hand experience of the revolutionary BIM Server with Delta Technology and the new Teamwork II. A new era of collaboration has arrived where firms can compete without barriers and unprecedented efficiency.

Shipping started on the 14th of October.