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Graphisoft Announces ARCHICAD 8 at UIA World Congress

The most comprehensive design and documentation tool for architects

UIA World Congress Berlin/Budapest July 23, 2002 - Graphisoft announced today the fall release of ARCHICAD 8, its flagship architectural CAD solution at the UIA World Congress, the world's largest architectural convention. Sporting a streamlined interface, ARCHICAD 8 provides an even more efficient tool for architects with improved navigation and document management, increase application speed and essential developments in 2D drafting.

"The ability to create and manage documentation is key to increasing our clients' productivity and market competitiveness. Offering architects the freedom of design, ARCHICAD 8 is indispensable for not just large architectural firms but also medium- and small-sized firms by freeing them from tedious drafting," states Ray Small, CEO of Graphisoft.

Enhanced Documentation Creation and Management

ARCHICAD 8 gives architects easy and instant access to all documents stored in the project file. "It helps architects arrange the project into typical documentation sets like planning submissions, tenders or construction drawings giving them complete control over the documentation," explains Bence Kovács, Graphisoft's Vice President of Product Management. "It can also be used to ensure documents comply to office standards." Additionally, documents can be easily distributed to the local network, printer, or even to a web-based FTP server.

The new Layout Book helps users reduce documentation time by organizing a project's entire documentation automatically into one file with timesaving features such as automatic page numbering, multiple master pages and intelligent title block elements. All updates on the Virtual BuildingTM are automatically documented on the final drawing sheets. "The new features are incredible. The Layout Book is a deep workflow enhancer and makes what ARCHICAD 7 did much more straightforward and easy to use," enthuses beta tester Geoffroy Magnan of Arcoplan -Architectes.

"We've made several improvements in detailing and drafting features to expedite 2D work," explains Kovács. Fully implemented Polylines ease tedious drafting work, eliminating the need to re-shape elements. New intuitive data entry also helps architects to create new elements how they want them - right from the start. The new detail tool features direct links to dedicated workspace as well as parametric detail markers that can meet users' local standards as well as individual documentation styles.

Expanded Virtual Building

"ARCHICAD 8's Solid Geometry Operations put the power to model complex shapes using Boolean commands back into the hands of the ARCHICAD user!" enthuses beta tester Rex Maximilian of Maximilian ATS. Architects can create more sophisticated elements simply, with good visual feedback options, - without having to custom program objects. Using solid operations also improves accuracy in bills of materials and other quantity surveys. "Bottom line... We are going to see even greater library parts than ever before, and not just from GDL developers, as a result of these new commands!" concludes Maximilian.

Increased Application Speed

Dramatic improvements have been made in both 2D and 3D navigation. No matter how large a floor plan is, users can navigate in real-time using the mouse scroll button. OpenGL graphic card support exploits the power of hardware accelerator cards for real-time 3D navigation in a photo rendering quality with the building remaining fully editable. ARCHICAD 8 also boasts substantially reduced section generation time.

Streamlined Interface

A new, unified look and feel to ARCHICAD's already easy-to-use interface and a simplified menu structure with customizable features make ARCHICAD friendlier to both inexperienced and proficient users. This lets architects design and navigate through documents with fewer mouse clicks. New users will especially benefit from simplified default dialog boxes and can expect an even shorter learning curve than ever before.

Product Availability

In Graphisoft's continued commitment to supporting both Windows and Macintosh platforms, ARCHICAD 8 will run on Windows 2000 and XP; MacOS 9.1 and later, as well as OS X. English, German and French versions of ARCHICAD 8 will be available through Graphisoft's Distributor Partners beginning in the fall, with other localized versions released through the first half of 2003. ARCHICAD is available through a large network of authorized resellers. To locate a reseller near you, visit