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Graphisoft Ships ARCHICAD 8.1 International, German and U.S. Editions

Latest Release Capitalizes on the Award-Winning ARCHICAD 8 Platform; Enhanced Drawing Quality and Productivity and Streamlined Connectivity, Combined with Refined Usability and Workflow, Offer More Time for Creativity

Budapest, October 22, 2003 - Graphisoft®, developer of the Virtual Building™ concept, announced today that ARCHICAD® 8.1, the latest release of its flagship architectural design product, is shipping. Running on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, Graphisoft ARCHICAD is the choice of over 100,000 design professionals worldwide. ARCHICAD 8.1's enhanced drawing quality and productivity, streamlined connectivity and refined usability and workflow will boost the business efficiency of all users. These refinements make the entire package an exceptionally attractive design and documentation tool for every single practice and project size.

Enhanced Drawing Quality and Productivity

Creating the final layouts of a project is a critical element of an architect's workflow, as this is when the actual drawings take physical shape. Several refinements have been introduced in ARCHICAD 8.1 to accelerate the documentation process and give a better overview and speedier navigation in the Layout Book. In particular, users will value the automatic drawing numbering system, as well as the associative drawing titles feature, which automate the layout creation process. Layout and paper sizes are now also coordinated between different CAD solutions; users no longer have to laboriously convert when exporting/importing drawings between solutions. The sum total of these refinements is a significant time saving and efficiency boost for users.

Streamlined Connectivity

Architects spend a significant portion of their time communicating with consultants. ARCHICAD 8.1 offers several DWG/DXF™ import & export enhancements, which effectively enable users of alternative solutions to continuously exchange data with accuracy and integrity when collaborating on a project. In particular, imported drawings will have superior visibility; users are not required to make any adjustments to pen and background colors. The compatibility issues addressed in ARCHICAD 8.1 will have a great impact on productivity.

Refined Usability and Workflow

Major advances in an architect's workflow will be the result of the host of usability and workflow enhancements in ARCHICAD 8.1, and the fine-tuning of the ground-breaking features introduced in ARCHICAD 8. All users will appreciate the customizable one-key shortcuts and the easier, faster printing options, e.g. of selected design alternatives. In addition, users will now have more control over connecting and intersecting walls, and greater customizability of a project's display and documentation. All of these enhancements (see ONLINE DEMONSTRATIONS here) allow architects more time to focus on the core element of their profession: creativity.


The International, German and U.S. editions are now available. Most localized versions will be shipped by the end of the year. For information regarding the availability of ARCHICAD® 8.1, please contact your nearest authorized reseller. To locate a reseller near you, visit this page.

Graphisoft® is a leading provider of design and management software solutions for the architectural profession and the building industry. Founded in 1982, Graphisoft is ranked today among the largest AEC CAD software developers in the world, with ten offices worldwide in addition to its headquarters. ARCHICAD®, ArchiFM® and other Graphisoft products are used by over 100,000 architects, facility managers and building professionals all over the world. Shares of Graphisoft are traded on the Budapest (GRAPHI) Stock Exchange. More information about Graphisoft is available at


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