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Graphisoft makes BIM software affordable

ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 helps small architectural firms get started in BIM for less

BOSTON, January 31, 2008 - Graphisoft, the global leader in Virtual Building™ solutions, today launched an affordable, entry-level version of ARCHICAD for architects seeking to expand their business with building information modeling (BIM) skills

The new ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 is based on the Virtual Building technology of ARCHICAD 11, but with a feature set and price tailored to the needs of small architectural practices, home builders and contractors.

"ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 brings the benefits of BIM to the small-firm segment of the architectural market at a very competitive price", says Patrick Mays, Vice President and General Manager of Graphisoft North America. "ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 allows architects and builders with tight budgets to get the best BIM technology at an affordable price."

ARCHICAD START Edition 2008:

ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 contains the necessary tools to create a building information model from which all of the associated 2D documents can be automatically extracted. It also provides the latest DWG-DXF and IFC 2x3 file exchange interfaces with external applications.

ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 contains all the powerful design and documentation features of ARCHICAD 11, but without the group collaboration features required by large firms. At the same time it ships with its full local content of ARCHICAD 11.

For the full specification of ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 please visit the following product website.


ARCHICAD START Edition 2008 will be available from January 31 for the SRP price of $1995.00.