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50% reduction in energy consumption for the new alkiTECHNIK headquarters building in Germany

Budapest, April 21, 2008 - No oil tank, gas lines, radiators or air conditioners.  The new headquarters of alkiTECHNIK in Ingolstadt is not only distinguished in its high-quality architecture but also in its innovative sustainable energy concept.

The dynamic shape of the building combines the administrative offices with the production hall of the manufacturer of torque wrenches and screws. The architectural office of Peter Bachschuster planned the production hall in a curved style on which the three administrative levels float. The lighting system emphasizes this floating effect at night. Behind the facade of the building lies an innovative and trend-setting energy concept. In the words of the architect, the system represents the innovative power of this world market-leading company.

The intelligent combination of using ground water and solar energy results in a savings of 50% compared to similar sized buildings using more traditional heating and cooling.

The building can be heated up or cooled down with the energy that comes from the earth. A complex system of pipes leads the ground water through the concrete walls, ceilings and floors. The generation of heat is taken over by two electrical heating pumps, which are mainly self-conducting thanks to photovoltaic energy conversion. The photovoltaic energy conversion system is installed in several facade sections. A self-sufficient and therefore very economical cooling system for the summer season is also part of the overall system. The glazed facade on the west side of the building is also "climate-active". A tube system is hidden in between the steel beams. The warm water circulation in the tubes helps to keep the building warm during the winter.

There are only five other buildings in Europe with a similar energy concept.   Scientists and project developers from all over the world have been attracted to this countryside site to learn from this innovative use of energy technology.  The building costs were only 5% higher than those for a conventional building, which will quickly be paid back thanks to reduced energy consumption. "ARCHICAD was very helpful in exploring different concepts for the alkiTECHNIK project", said Peter Bachschuster. "Also, the smooth data transfer to all the different engineers on the project helped greatly in the realization of the sustainable energy concept".

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