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GRAPHISOFT’s new pricing program: BIM software on your terms

New ARCHICAD Rental offering makes BIM licensing flexible, affordable and risk-free

BOSTON, April 8, 2010 – GRAPHISOFT announced a new flexible pricing program that offers architectural firms a variety of ways to acquire ARCHICAD building information modeling (BIM) software.

GRAPHISOFT now offers customers of any size – from sole practitioners to the largest international firms – several software licensing options that best meet their needs and budgets.

These include a new software rental program, called ARCHICAD Rental (ACR), that enables firms to rent BIM software licenses for as long as they need them. With the addition of ACR, customers can now choose from the following licensing options, including:

ACR is a low-risk high reward alternative for coping with fluctuating workloads, and allows users to ramp-up or scale-down the number of BIM licenses temporarily depending on how many projects are currently in the works. Especially in our current economy, ACR is a manageable, affordable option to long-term commitments for potentially unused or underused BIM software licenses and a cost-effective hedge for avoiding the lost productivity and business risk of not having enough users equipped with the best design tools when needed.

ACR is ideal for new firms and start-ups demanding a best-in-class BIM solution and looking for a low-risk option to get started.

“ARCHICAD Rental program takes the risk out of investing in BIM,” said Steve Benford, managing director, GRAPHISOFT North America. “With the addition of rental we’ve got a price point that answers the unpredictability in the market today. We’re seeing a jump in enquiries about our BIM solutions so there’s no question the demand is out there. With these pricing options we’re even better equipped to match customer need with fees that make sense for their workflow and backlog.”

The ACR program lets customers choose a rental period that fits their needs:

The license is for a single, fully functional seat of ARCHICAD 13, GRAPHISOFT’s best-in-class BIM design and documentation workflow software, including ARCHICAD Teamwork, supporting documentation and user guides. There are no limits on the number of licenses a customer can rent. During the rental period, customers can upgrade their licenses to the latest ARCHICAD version and get technical support.