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Lightning Fast Rendering with Artlantis4 for ARCHICAD

BUDAPEST, April 12, 2001 - With speeds up to seven times faster than earlier versions, the optimization of existing features and a host of new ones, the latest release of Artlantis Render is a boon for ARCHICAD users. Seamlessly integrated into the ARCHICAD workflow, Artlantis4 for ARCHICAD provides the optimal solution for professional rendering.

"Its user-friendliness, efficiency and solid technical performance have made Artlantis the rendering solution of choice for ARCHICAD users worldwide," says Gábor Kazár, Graphisoft's vice president of sales and marketing. "This upgrade promises even more astounding results achieved in less time."

Artlantis4 owes its increased velocity to a new rendering engine, utilizing Meta CS' Mart technology. This major upgrade also features global illumination, a unique lighting model that provides astounding realism by integrating the multiple effects of light bounced by surrounding objects. The new Soft Shadows make it possible to soften the general atmosphere of 3D scenes or animations, and users can now also control a scene's depth of field, whether the focus is on an object, a direction or infinity.

Complementing the tools for controlling conventional light sources, and improving both simplicity and clarity, Artlantis4 for ARCHICAD's new interface makes it possible to manage the calculation of shadows and sun-lighting studies autonomously. The new Adjustable Cursor allows users to manipulate the intensity of light with a high degree of accuracy.

More information about the product is available at Artlantis4 is now available in major languages like English, German, French through Graphisoft's worldwide Distributor Partners, both as a new license and as an update version. Artlantis4 runs on Windows 98/ME, NT/2000 and MacOS 8.6-9.1.