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Russian Fresh Graduate is the Next Winner of the Monthly “Experience BIM” Competition

Budapest, March 18, 2009 – Architect, Dmitry Timchenko has won a free commercial license of ARCHICAD 12 in the “BIM Experience Kit” competition.

Dmitry Timchenko is a Masters student graduating this year from the Southern Federal University. After becoming familiar with ARCHICAD during the course of his studies it was a natural step to advance his professional experiences by downloading the Graphisoft’s BIM Experience Kit. He currently is employed with the Bureau of Reconstruction.

“With the BIM Experience Kit, I immediately recognized ARCHICAD’s excellent performance with complex projects, its good compatibility with other programs and graphic packages, and its elegant handling of BIM. I can fully realize all the benefits of ARCHICAD in my daily practice.“

To participate in the competition and get a chance to win the next month’s free ARCHICAD license, please visit: